Friday Christmas Eve

Friday, December 24, 2010

1. These are a few eggs in the basket.

2. We are waiting for the holiday dinner.

3. What's that I hear middle of the night.

4. Someone is coming quiet, quiet.

5. Some of my favorite holiday memories include Kuching, Sarawak in Malaysia.

6. There is nothing there not even a mouse.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eat burger as supper, tomorrow my plans include breakfast and Sunday, I want to watch a movie with my family!

Battle Force 5

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sean is big fan of Battle Force 5 now and he is interested with the toys he saw at IOI Mall, Jusco Puchong. We are not going to purchase for him it is expensive MYR$140 the Battle Force 5. Last Saturday we bring him to MacDonald's and they have red Battle Force 5 car which he has before. I don't know when the green colour is coming out, do you?

He refused to go Kindergarten today and promise to go tomorrow, I hope he keeps his promise. I am tired and exhausted because once he is get scolded he refused to go kindergarten. What do you do about it?

I think the teacher way of teaching is wrong, instead of scolding they can explain to him. I told them many times but no teacher takes it seriously; someday I might need to talk to the principle able this matter. What do you think?

Blue car and Purple car

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sean likes to play with toys and recently he likes to watch the Astro channel where there is shark and crocodile character cartoon with cars. I don't remember the name of this show, he is interested with the blue car and purple car so he has got both of them now.

We bought the Happy Meal from McD it is breakfast, his favourite is hot cakes. Sometimes he can have double set of Happy Meal, no kidding he loves the honey so much. He is 110cm tall now and 27.7 kg.

Now my sister-in-law is not with me but my dad is here to help me out. I am happy with that, I know my dad is busy person. He has got commitment and things that he needs to do at his home.

Talking about food, I am feeling hungry right now.

Transformer for him

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sean loves Transformer, and the currently toys he has is from KFC and another toy which I bought from Giant. The latest Transformer is bought by my dad, his grandfather it is the most expensive toy so far for him. It cost $200 after discount voucher $20 deduct. It is purchase from Toys R Us, we supposed to get the one with freebie but it is sold out since 6 November. We were at the toy shop on 16 November as I got the mail a day before.

Thank you dad, Sean's grandpa for wonderful gift to Sean!

He spotted the Transformer at Carrefour and it is selling at $22o if not mistaken. My hubby promised to purchase to him when he got the money but Sean mistaken that he will purchase to him the next day. He cried so hard for the toy and leaves us no choice to purchase at Toys R US, lucky I have the $20 voucher for deduction. If we go another Toys R Us will be the same because the Transformer that he wanted $150 sold out. The one he has is bigger than the Transformer that he is having now.

I saw the education toy for him but way too expensive for me, it cost almost $390. I cannot afford that is why I think we have made right decision to send him to holiday camp during school holiday.

Tickets to Slide@Empire Gallery shopping mall

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who loves adventure and interested to go for the slide at Empire Gallery Shopping Mall. This is not suitable for children, not even my son can go for the slide. It is scary slide, it is five storeys high and you heart pumping each minute there.

For detail of this giveaway, click here. Please understand that I am having three tickets giveaway, I can't take part the slide because my condition now not suitable. My sister-in-law Jen took part this adventure and it is great challenge for her!

House need to clean up

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love being stay at home mom but you know it is important to maintain clean at home. Always check the area that you don't see such as under the sink, store room, under the stair case. I dislike mosquitoes and I know that putting on the lotion is not the solution of it.

Health is important you cannot buy it with money, don't just read here. Go ahead and find out what where you need to clean.

Small bowling set from 7-11

Monday, October 11, 2010

I purchases for Sean the small bowling set at 7-Eleven. The shop which I often like when I was a kid. I remember having a big drink 1.5 ml of sprite alone and my mom was saying that your stomach going to blow up!

Sean has interest to drink the cold icy drink but he still not well so I decided not to give him the icy drink. He chooses the toy which is MYR$9.90. He still likes to play the play station one that belong to my hubby and me. We bought it long time ago when we are still dating.

1st Oct, son got sick

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun time for Sean playing the dough set yesterday evening and this morning.

1. My back hurts as I carried Sean for long time.

2. Who wants to live life wild?

3. Leaves are falling all around, moms are cooking in the kitchen.

4. How to cute the forgetfulness.

5. Healing is needs time and you cannot push it.

6. Catching up with family and doing house chore is what I've been up to lately!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to stay at home, tomorrow my plans include fetch my sister and Sunday, I want to meet my dad!

How to stop kid from shouting?

Friday, September 3, 2010

He likes to play the play station 1 and he also likes to go playground. Sean likes to shout out loud, I don't know why. He usually does it at home or in the car while I am driving. I cannot take it so how do you stop children from shouting? I also don't want him just keep pay attention to play games it seem he has no interest in writing.

I head to petrol Shell today for pump fuel and I pay $30 then back to the car to pump but find nothing out. Then I ask Jen to go check out the counter, then the staff came over and saying that now if you pump fuel you need to say which fuel you want to pump then they will set it. Last time we just pump which we prefer and we don't take there is no problem I find it more troublesome now. The employee says that many people complain of it, what you think? Lucky the employee explains or this will happen again.

Hubby is at work and not back yet it is late I hope he walk back safe. There is torch light in his bag and he has big umbrella with him.

He has fun with the light and drawing

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It was at night and he has got nothing to do, he takes the lamp to play and also do some drawing. My hubby comes home 8.30 pm and he often bring umbrella to work. I told him to bring the big umbrella because it can be protection from rain and also thief. He also bring torch light to work as coming home at night he walks and it is very dark. There was time where he got all wet because the small umbrella leak and his shoes wet due to rain and he walks on the water which flood.

I remember when I go to work I often bring umbrella and cross many roads to reach the company to work. The last job I working was at SS15 Subang Jaya same roll with the lottery shops but the company I working located at first floor. The company has closed due to no business but the Boss is lucky to have her hubby with company business to do. Her job was just extra income and interest, she has three daughters and one son now.

Sean has been drinking the Dutch Lady chocolate milk he likes to drink. I prefer him to drink the fresh milk or milk powder or milo but he prefers Dutch Lady chocolate milk, we cannot buy often for him to drink. He also takes milo in the night but I know hubby change from milo to coco powder Carrefour.

Lost a dinosaur toy in Empire Shopping Gallery

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sean lost one dinosaur toy at Empire Shopping Gallery last month and we have no idea about it until we reach the car park. It was the day where we brought father-in-law to visit the shopping mall, Sean is the one responsible for his toy. He must have leaved it some where and look for things that he wants. Anyway we head to IOI Mall Puchong few days ago and he chooses one dinosaur from Daiso.

I saw some nice bath room items like for bath but I see that I cannot purchase because my bath tub is spoiled. Now nobody soak in the bath tub anymore I think it has been more than ten years. I mean to say nobody using bath tub for bath at home.

Carrefour food court

Monday, August 30, 2010

This is at Carrefour Subang Jaya the food court, I am there sometimes for lunch with family. My son and I prefer the chicken rice, they are some other choice of food. Sean likes to play there because he gets to enjoy all the ride for free, yeah I mean free because we not put coin just let him have fun sitting there.

Sean likes to sit them so much and when we at Sunway Pyramid he will want to take ride but there is not free you need to pay for them. I don't like go there anymore because you need to avoid the places like that you tend to spend more because of the rides.

Do you know that today the IOI Mall is open until 12 midnight? Yeah we were there last weekend and Jen with me have nasi lemak while Sean eats chicken rice at the Jusco food court. Hubby orders something else I don't know that name because there is egg and many tomato and chilli sauce looks like fried rice to me.

Anyway if you have time go check out the freebie for necklace and bracelet. There is things you need to do in order to get them for free. Yeah you know it nothing is free!

My son got H1N1A

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last week Sean stays at home for a week because he has got H1N1A. We took him to see doctor on Tuesday because hubby took a day off. The doctor ask him to go blood test, he has fever up and down and we waited at the hospital an hour for the blood result. There is no Denggi but it is confirmed that he has H1N1A, he got from Kindergarten. I inform the teacher about this but some teachers not believe at all. Anyway I am glad he is better now and he is at Kindergarten.

He lose some weight and doctor also says that he is over weight. He should be only 20 kg but he is now 23.5kg. Yesterday took him for injection for H1N1B and the doctor says the injection only last a year in his body. He is not alone there to take injection many children there to take the same injection.

Fever and leg pain

Monday, August 16, 2010

I don't know what to say Sean is not feeling well he still have fever and he has legs pain too. I am not getting enough sleep too because I have fever too and also having legs pain. It is very pain you feel like someone is pulling your leg off.

That is why you don't see me update my blogs often now. Jen also not well she has sort throat and cough. My hubby takes a day off today as wants to bring us to see doctor. It is Sean that he most worry about I told him that I cannot drive the car because my legs pain.

Son is sicked again

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sean is sick today because last night he has fever and middle of night he cough until he vomits. He just started to nap as he wakes up early morning wants to go Kindergarten but we stopped him because he has fever and in the afternoon Jen and I bring him to see paed. The doctor that he usually sees only available in the morning so we saw another doctor it is Lee Eng Kam.

The doctor mentions that he has overweight and need to cut down on food seriously five meals a day is a lot and he needs to eat more vegetables. He needs to eat less oily food and sugary stuff because they put on weight fast. Jen also in the room but she looks unhappy but this is the truth of what doctor mention. I don't know why every time I put blanket on Sean while he is asleep he will cough. He will kicks off all the blanket, hubby has no idea that I tried to put blanket on him in the night but he keeps kick them off.

Young man today age 30s and 40s are seeing doctor because of heart failure or heart attack. No kidding this is about health and I serious need to give Sean some exercise at the gardening. I know he loves it but Jen prefers he stays indoor because of aedes mosquitoes in the area.

Children hair style

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have you ever heard anyone saying that don't let your dad to cut your son hair? I can tell you that it is my first time heard it and I don't like that man. He is my hubby's friend and nobody ask him to cut my son's hair and he cut it. Then he keeps complain how bad the hair style looks, excuse me I am also in charge of hair cut for my son because we don't go to salon. It is cheaper to cut their hair.

My hubby and I don't like to go his salon anymore because he talks more than he does. Other than that it is expensive to cut his hair there and he will say that he has another saloon near Ikea there which is partnership.

I have never seen a parent that would lied to their parents. This man did he told us that he lied to his mom that he brings his son for art class but he bring him to another place which is babysitter place. He is worry his mom not happy and tell lie to her. His mom found out that his son is talking Tamil language and find it fishy but somehow he manage to say something else about it.

This man might just break a joke about my son's hair style I tell you it is not funny. He even told my son that never gives my hubby to cut his hair anymore. He has no right to do that, he is not father to my son!

If this is a joke from him, it is very bad!

If you friend says that to you would you be mad too?

Red Komodo

Monday, August 9, 2010

This is one of the characters that Sean like the red komodo in the mechanical cartoon. Sean just fall asleep on the lazy chair he still having cough. Above the komodo he colour it red!

Nap for a long time

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hubby had a long nap and he just wake up, he is tired as he not get enough sleep. Everyone is waiting for him to say where to have dinner. You have no idea I am feeling so hungry now but he says that see how first on where to eat and we all just wait.

This morning after send Sean to kindergarten we head to the restaurant at SS14, Subang Jaya. The restaurant has my favourite char kuey tiao and we packed two packets one for father-in-law another for Jen.

I like to buy chee cheong fun from night market but it is only available on Tuesday night. The night market is at SS13, Subang Jaya.

Sean is having fun playing his dinosaur toys now. Just now he played the Thomas and Trains puzzle. He can put back the puzzle each piece together.

Head to post office this morning

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This morning head to post office at Carrefour Subang Jaya to post the prize for the winner of My Kid Shopping. I suppose to go yesterday but I had sprained my right leg I can still feel the pain. Tonight my father-in-law is coming over and Friday my dad will come over so they will be meeting up for short hours. I think for just an hour dad wants to have lunch with us.

We decided on the phone that we will go to the restaurant nearby Sean's kindergarten. It was the first time we head there with my sister and this Friday will be our second time. Jen knows one of the workers there but he is no longer working there because Ah Heng is going to help his brother's business it is also restaurant.

Son is not well

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sean is not feeling well he is not going to kindergarten today. Hubby says that he needs to see doctor and he did this morning, so many patients waiting for the doctor. The doctor in a hurry to check on him and note down the medicine for him.

We went out just now because I need to collect prize on behalf of my hubby. I got it and I am happy to say they are mine because it is for woman not for man to consume. This Wednesday my hubby will fetch my father-in-law here because Thursday they will need to go KL together. So father-in-law will stay here until Saturday so we can go back home town together. It will be father-in-law first time to stay here.

Winner of My Kid Shopping

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am sure you are excited to find out who is the lucky winner for My Kid Shopping giveaway.

They are 14 participants in this giveaway, after using below is the result.

List Randomizer

There were 14 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

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Timestamp: 2010-08-01 08:34:00 UTC

Congratulations to

Please email me your detail, address, telephone number to twinshappiness at yahoo dot com.

My Kid Shopping giveaway

Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is first giveaway on the blog, it is My Kid Shopping giveaway. Simple easy steps to win this giveaway.

  1. Add My Kid Shopping to your blogroll.
  2. Blog this giveaway add picture in post and add picture side bar link to this post.
  3. Be a follower on this blog.
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One lucky winner will gets away with this two pretty necklace! Don't forget to leave a comment in this post if you are taking part.

Good luck.

Participants of My Kid Shopping

Below is the list of participants of My Kid Shopping.

  15. are you next? Giveaway ends at 10pm tonight.

Tired of talking

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tell me if you have ever got tired of talking well I do because people are not listening a word I said. I need to say over and over again on the same question that is so crazy I just fed up with it. People that I mean they are my hubby and Jen. They are not paying attention on what I said.

The best thing to do is just keep quiet of it and if they ask again just tell them you say before and they not listen. Very often they want me to listen what they said and remember them but they not listen and not remember at all.

GA ends 10pm tomorrow

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a kind reminder for everyone that the Giveaway ends at 10pm tomorrow.

Check out the flower that grow at my mini garden.

Danger on the bus!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is scary I saw this bus with broken back window and they are many students on the bus. The bus maybe having puncture tires too because I saw the inside tire of the bus like out of shape. The bus is not in good condition but the driver does not care at all. Children on the bus should told their parents about it.

Blood test and urine test

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jen has find out that her result is out and she called home to ask. Her mom told her that she has high cholesterol, she needs to cut down on sugar intake. She cannot eat prawns and need reduce eat lamb chop. She also cannot eat nuts, she is in her 40s now.

I know she has irregular period but she refused to see doctor. She needs to go back home town for hepatitis B injection and was told to inject 3 times if not mistaken. As for me I had only one jab of hepatitis B.

Baby bottle toy

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is cute baby bottle toy for Sean to play, we shop it from the Store at Port Dickson. We were there two weeks ago and soon you will find new shopping mall near Billion. I don't know if it is Tesco or Giant, so better stick around my blog to find out.

Kids loves drawing

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sean loves drawing and above the flowers he draws on the paper. I have not signed him up for any art class but his class at kindergarten includes art. The magic pen finished the colour and soon I need to purchase more for him to draw. He likes to use water colour too, but he does not know he needs to add colour for it.

I remember the time he started to use crayon, he thought it was candy and he tasted it. He faster spit it out because the taste awful. He seldom use crayon for art as he prefers colour pencils, water colour, and magic pen.

Blog Disclosure

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me without bias or influence from others. While this blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation, it does not publish in a way that is contrary to my personal integrity. The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. I am free to reject posts that I do not agree with or approve. My writing represents the truth and I do not write about items that I do not personally support. This blog does not contain any content that might present a conflict of interest but it does follow international ethical guidelines and best practices for the internet and online advertising.

Warehouse sales next to Carrefour Subang Jaya

You can find the warehouse sales next to Carrefour Subang Jaya, the warehouse sales started yesterday. It is items you can see from Carrefour the cashiers from Carrefour are there. From the newspaper I saw in Metro The Star not stated the brand. If you have time go there to see, I purchase a 76 pieces of blocks but not Lego brand for Sean to play, it cost only MYR$10.

I saw kitchen towels and other towels cheap but I no purchase any because I have enough. I think of purchase towel for my hubby but I worry the towel is not good quality. Anyway you can find out if you are at the warehouse sales, once you go in the entrance of the building you can see it!

Children clothing I don't see them cheap but you can check it there. I purchase for Sean the clothes at Billion cheaper and it was last day of sales that time. Being a mom I need to know what size clothes and shoes Sean wearing. I also need to know the type of clothes that he prefers. I know his pyjamas he only likes Tom & Jerry but I have other types for him to wear.

What to buy@Cameron Highlands

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My friends are going to Cameron Highlands so they wonder what they can buy at Cameron Highlands. I know there is plenty of fresh vegetables and strawberry. What else do you purchase and where do you shop?

For me it is very long time I have not been to Cameron Highlands. The last time I went to Genting Highlands was 1990s sames goes with Cameron Highlands in 1990s.

Guessing game giveaway

Monday, July 19, 2010

I like guessing games, so find out the guess game from Mamalyna as the guess game ends at 1 pm. If you want to try your guessing click on the link above. Good luck.


Just to update you that I no win this guessing game, I guess it wrong. My guess was size 8 and the answer size 9. I saw the answered at the blog yesterday evening.

Anyway I have fun in this giveaway, maybe I should come up with a guess game too. I remember my guessing game at other blog but nobody guess it right so in the end I reveal the answer.

I know if I am given a chance to guess twice I can guess it right. But as stated at her blog that you can only guess one time.

My friend is pregnant now and I know soon she needs to wear bigger shoes. She is not sure if she is having baby girl or boy, it does not matter as long baby is healthy. She is now seven months pregnant. I saw her last Sunday she is very fair and I told her, she told me she not only fair but fat too. She gained 2.5kg this month, she changed the doctor as previous doctor keeps asking her to watch her weight.

Pepper burger

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Look at this yummy pepper burger, I forgot if this is beef or chicken. It is very spicy, I don't like spicy and if I have too much spicy food I will go toilet. I try cut down on spicy food now because my skin sensitive I can have acne show up the next day.

Fire engine

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is fun for Sean he enjoys the free ride for the aunt, the aunt has her daughter with her but she was too scare to ride on it. She is younger than Sean, lucky Sean gets to ride and he has lots of fun. Thanks to the aunt.

The clothes you saw I bought them from Jusco, the only place I know affordable.

Checking house every day

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you find a young man around your area? He will ride on the motorcycle to check on each home, he want to survey on how many people staying at your home and also each person qualification. Other than that he will ask your race and language you speak at home.

This young man works with government and he also works on Sunday.

Busy playing puzzle

Every day Sean will be playing his favourite Thomas Train at least three times a day. I guide him to read and write sure takes longer time. He is less interest to read but jump to do them. I find out that he will choose the book cover to do the exercise in the book. He will also flip the page that he prefers.

I know he cannot do so at school, he is just a kid I don't want pressure him to study hard. Remember there is study pressure and stress that we used to get.

Feel free to share with me tips to have kid enjoy doing their homework.

It is fun for kids

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is a car where Sean seats on it and play, it is yellow colour. I don't have the coins for him but he had fun seating inside pretending he's driving the car. Not far from this car there is an ambulance. One lady put the coins inside but her daughter too scare to sit on it so he asked Sean to go ahead and seat for free. :D

Such a nice lady at the shopping mall, she speaks mandarin very well. I think she's not local.

Do I need sewing machine?

Monday, July 12, 2010

I have an old sewing machine which used foot to paddle it, it is inside the store room. I cannot get it out of the room because so many things inside. :(

I think new sewing machine now like Singer will cost MYR$1,000 and above which depend what type of sewing machine you want.

Anyone care to share what type and model of sewing machine you are using and what purpose is your sewing machine?

Crying for torch light

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sean found a new toy in his daddy backpack where he used to go work. It is yellow torch light, hubby works long hours and sometimes it is dark so he needs them at work. But Sean today comes home from kindy and he is crying as cannot find the torch light. He does not want other torch light but only yellow colour torch light.

Today early morning send him to kindy and reached there by 8am because they need to take photo of class and group photo.

Don't shave your legs

I am sure you remember the school days, they are the peers influence and some girls started having their legs shave and during my college time I notice some girls shave their hands too. I suggest you listen to me don't shave your legs and hands, the hair growing out will be thick and not nice.

My sister have very long hair on legs because she shaves them for the first time then she needs to continue shaving them. Now you can find many type of shavers in the market, some for man and some for woman.

What flower is this?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't know what type of flower is this, you can see it is so cute the flower look like standing.

ANEW Perfect Cleanser

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am sharing this skin care product with Jen, I also using Avon skin care products but also some other brand. I am still looking for the brand that suitable for my combination skin.

Jen has pigment on face and she told me that mother-in-law purchase from her aunt a skin care product which cost MYR$300. Good for her because this shows her mom really cares of her skin. Jen has some luck this month, she won a contest from Magazine.

Short pants at home

Monday, July 5, 2010

This is Sean last year and he's still wearing just under wear then, it is still same if he's back to hubby's home town. It is very hot there and he still only wears the under wear but at home I will want him to put on the short pants.

I don't want him to make it a habit to wear just underwear. My sister told me that it is better to have him wear the short pants or else he's older he will refused to wear them at home.

What's the rate of Pos Malaysia?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Anyone know how to check the rate for Pos Malaysia? Okay I find from the Pos Malaysia website.

Effective 1 July 2010

Category Weight Postage rate (RM)
Standard Mail Up to 20g 0.60
Above 20g − 50g 0.70
Non-Standard Mail *** Up to 50g 0.80
Above 50g − 100g 0.90
Above 100g − 250g 1.00
Above 250g − 500g 2.00
Above 500g − 1kg 3.50
Above 1kg − 2kg 5.50
Postcard 0.30
Periodical Up to 20g 0.50
Above 20g − 50g 0.60
Above 50g − 100g 0.80
Above 100g − 250g 0.90
PosDokumen * Up to 500g 1.80
Above 500g − 1kg 3.00
Above 1kg − 2kg 4.50
Small Packet * Up to 1kg 4.00
Above 1kg − 2kg 5.50
Parcel ** Up to 2kg 7.00
Every 1kg thereafter up to 30kg 1.50


PosDaftar Fee Details
Description New Charges Remarks
Domestic RM 2.20 Registration fee (RM 1.60) and posting fee less than 20g (RM 0.60)
International RM 4.10 Includes registration fee (RM 1.60) and delivery (RM 2.50) but does not include posting fee based on destination and weight
PosDaftar Envelope (Domestic) RM 2.50
  • Registration fee and posting fee less than 50gm
  • 3.0mm thickness


Vampire teeth

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I find out that Sean does not like faux teeth he is scare of them, I had the faux vampire teeth with me. Jen likes to watch horror movies so if Sean saw it he will asked to change the TV channel. Most of the time Sean watching Disney Channel.

Yesterday he no nap in the afternoon so at night he fall asleep around 11.20pm. He gets up early in the morning to go kindy. He past motion first before going to kindy, he dislike going kindy to poo.

Fun with colours and drawing

Now Sean interest is colour and drawing and every day he used at least five papers. I hope there is more recycle papers from brother-in-law David. Sean loves to colour and you can see in the picture he taking his time to colour.

Just toys

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love toys too and Sean is happy with his toys but some of it broken so need to throw them away.

Yesterday @Toys R US

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last night we head to Empire Shopping Mall and Sean just plays at Toys R Us, he is such good boy going home empty handed. He has enough toys at home and all he needs is education more than toys.

Just think about it, the toys are more expensive than the exercise books at the book store. Why not choose to buy books and exercise books for children rather than spoil them with toys? Sean still does not know how to read the price tag of the toys. He has no idea how much they cost and only thing he knows play that is what children do.

First pair of Tom and Jerry Shoes

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sad to see Sean lost his first pair of Tom and Jerry Shoes at Court 2, Subang Jaya. We had breakfast there and on way back to car, Sean steps on water so he wants to be carry. Apparently one of the shoes fall and nobody notice, Jen also not sure where it dropped, by the time we reach SS15 Subang Jaya we only knew.

This pair of Tom and Jerry shoes expensive I purchase from Jusco cost me nearly MYR$70.

Fun with games

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My dad's computer has games and I found one and Sean loves to play it. I know that dad's computer need to be fix too as the space not enough anymore but he does not know it. Hubby was having nap and no able to check for him. I don't know how to repair or service computer. Sean played these games for several times then he bored with it.

Restaurant Tasty Pot@Bandar Sunway

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I seldom go to Bandar Sunway but one day I saw many restaurants at Bandar Sunway. Many people to dine too but during 5 something still early nobody yet. I don't know how is the food quality there, if you like BBQ steamboat check out this restaurant.

Tom and Jerry shoes for kids

Jen found this shoes at Jusco, I saw it and I like this green colour because Sean loves Ben 10. He has the army shoes but the bottom is getting slippery, I purchase this shoes for him which cost only MYR$15. If you want to know which shopping mall I purchase, it is at Sunway Pyramid Jusco.

There is Happiness giveaway ends

Monday, June 21, 2010

All names of participants with entries inside this jar, with paper cover and rubber tied to it to shake it!
Names are then cut into pieces accordingly and put inside the milo green jar!

Now having hard time to upload the pictures to photobucket, I know you want to know who is the winner. Now you can see whose the participants in this post. Lucky winner of this giveaway only one that gets away with the lovely prizes.

Above is how the names are written of the paper by me, not an easy job but hey I manage to write them down. There are total of nine participants, just eight with 21 entries and only one with 16 entries.

Find out the lucky winner at There is Happiness.

There is Happiness giveaway participants

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here's the info of participants that taken part in my giveaway.

anin 21 entries
pink 21 entries
adyshariz 21 entries
cicakgirls 21 entries
ibu ayra 21 entries
mummyalesya 21 entries
ummuabudullahsyaakir 21 entries
sue 21 entries
emiliana 16 entries

184 entries

School holiday over soon

Friday, June 18, 2010

Well this Sean favourite past time he loves to colour and now he is good with drawing. He knows how to draw house, rainbow, train, snake, fish, monster, car, egg, dinosaur, trees, boat, river, rain, cloud, and many more.

In the mean time, lets check out this giveaway below.

Disney Channel

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1. Need to get home before 6:58 pm.
2. It was the reason, of course, no wok cannot cook.
3. Car wash is something I no longer feel the need to do.
4. I have another errand to run, then catch up with things I need to do.
5. Where you put...just go find it
6. What were once vices I am not sure.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to know how is Kit and Yeh food testing, tomorrow my plans include window shopping and Sunday, I want to buy meat and vegetables!

Empire Hotel

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I like the drawing so much, it is huge! I like the room too, you gonna love the bathroom. LOL

Sunglasses of the day

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sad to say that it only lasted for day, it fell on the floor from the table and it is broken. This sunglasses purchase online cost MYR$16. Sean sure loves these sunglasses he played it the whole day but it was broken and he gave up playing.

Jumbo Workshop

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun time for Sean but sad to say that the clay is not good, it is so sticky that you cannot make anything with it. But the items all in good condition, so thinking to purchase the suitable clay for Sean. This set of toy cost MYR$26 only even though the clay is not function. The seller supposed to say that the clay becomes sticky but instead she says it is soft!

Award from Vonvon

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank you Vonvon for such wonderful award. This is my sweet blog award!

So here are the rules:
  1. Give this award to 10 sweet bloggers.
  2. Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you.
  3. Put the award on your blog.
  4. Let your nominated 10 know you’ve awarded them by leaving a comment.
Pending on giving awards, but hey if you love this award just like me ;D.

Tohtonku Warehouse Sales

If you looking for good deal don't forget to go Tohtonku Warehouse Sales, the sales ends on this Sunday 6pm. Look at the picture, they cost only MYR$35! Well it is just a figure I total up. It is time go shopping for your kids as school holiday will be over in a week.

Toys R Us @Empire Gallery Shopping Mall

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is fun as outside the Toys R Us, you can see many vehicle for kids to sit on. Remember you need coins to put in for the ride. The Toys R Us move out from Subang Parade and I was there on the last day and I manage grab good deal item for Sean to play.

Three storey houses

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tell me what you think of three storey houses, I know there is not many in Malaysia. It is kind of expensive to have such home. In my area I spotted only one row of housing that is three storey houses.

Most houses having gates and fences up to protect their property, if a house is vacant, some day things will be missing. I have seen shop lot that is vacant and many things missing from there such at the windows, grilled gate, etc.

My friend told me that old folks prefer single story house as they do not like to walk second floor. It is more convenient for them to go places.

Goodbye chair

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yeah this is broken by Sean, he sat on it up and down for many times. It finally gives up on his butts.

Basic condition of love

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jen is not listening to me as she told me few days that she is having stomachache I told her to see doctor she refused. She told me that it is costly for the medication, well health is important and she has health insurance I don't see there is any problem with that. I know that if it is not serious issue there is no need of claim.

Anyway she has no interest to see doctor and hubby keeps telling me that if she complains pain again she needs see doctor. It is menstrual pain for her as she says it is a week and period not stopped. She is her 40's now and her period always last many days.

Off topic is that she first time won a Magazine contest.

Handmade jewelry for Happy Teacher's Day

Friday, May 14, 2010

The children party at Kindergarten is on 4 June, so I decided to get some handmade jewelry for the teachers. I have seen parents looking for gifts at the shopping mall. I prefer to find unique type of jewelry for the teachers.

Each of the teacher will get the leather bracelet. :D

Horlicks for me

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sean does not like this drink but I love it.

First Thomas Train for him

Monday, May 10, 2010

This first Thomas Train for him, I am happy that he loves this train. It is value for money, I cannot find any train cheaper. This is made of wood as usual most toys made in China.

This is magnet train that you need to assemble it. It is fun for him to stacks and build. All I can say is he loves it!