Go Genting on this School Holiday

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My little brother so happy, he's going to sit Genting bus for the second time. His first time was going to the Raya buffet dinner in Genting. 
What to do this school holiday? School exam is over and I am happy to know that many of my friends are looking forward for their school holiday. Some of them have plans on going vacation with their family. 
Let me share with you on my family day trip to go Genting. 

My little brother and me together we are excited and waiting everyone to on board the bus to go Genting.

First stop we need to go dining in Coffee Terrace. I have been to this Coffee Terrace for a few times and I like this place, I find many food to eat during the buffet lunch.

Coffee Terrace is spacious many seating and many food choices and desserts too.

My mom likes to eat salad, I saw this salad bar and I know she will choose her favourite healthy salad for a good start. 

We are living in Malaysia and we are in Coffee Terrace on last Saturday, we enjoy ourselves with the Flavors of Malaysia, variety of food to choose from.
There are Chinese and Western food to choose from.  

I like to eat rice and you can see above is fried rice, but on the day I choose to eat Western food. 

 Besides Western food, there's soup of the day and breads to choose from. There are variety of fruits to eat like watermelon, dragon fruits, papaya, and green apple.

Desserts are my favourite, I can go many rounds to eat nonstop especially ice cream.
My little brother found his favourite dessert, he couldn't wait and get starts to eat.

Coffee Terrace is located at Lobby of Genting Grand.
This November, there is promotional price of buffet lunch RM38, 
for more information, click on the link above to find out. 

After lunch, we have a toilet break.
Then we sit bus to go Chin Swee Caves Temple. My second time to the temple as first time we stop for a while only. We didn't know there's so much to see at the temple. I am happy on the day we see and learn many things.

The Chin Swee Caves Temple, it is located 4,600 feet above sea level and the most scenic site of Genting Highlands.

Inside the temple, there is holy water available. It is not suitable to drink!
It is only for wash face and hands. I like the cooling holy water.

A Taoist temple, the Chin Swee Caves Temple is situated on a 28-acre plot of rocky forested land donated by Genting Group founder, the late Tan Sri Dato's Seri Lim Goh Tong. 
The Chin Swee Caves Temple was officially opened in 1994 after 20 years of continuous development by then Minister of Transport, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik.

Large statues of Buddha and Kuan-Yin stand tall behind the five-storey temple. 

Beautiful view and we saw many statues and we can take photos of them.
If you are there, do check out right at the entrance, the beautifully carved Nine-Colour Dragon Wall of Luck greets you to Chin Swee Caves Temple. 

Nobody can missed out the iconic 9-storey Pagoda, which is decorated with hundreds of Buddha figurines. Inside the Pagoda, you can find 10,000 blessing lamps installed for devotees of the Temple to dedicated to those that they would like to be blessed by Buddha.
We also check out the Journey to Enligtenment that depcits the Ten Chambers of Hell.
I always ask my mom about heaven and hell before go to the temple.
I am glad that I have joined this bloggers trip as I get to know more about hell.

According to Chinese beliefs, the soul of a dead person would be sent to the First Chamber of Hell and his past deeds would be screened by Chin-Kwong-Wang, 
the King of the First Chamber, who would decide whether or not and where he should receive punishment. 

A good soul would be send for rebirth in the Heavenly Realm and an evil soul would be sent to one of the remaining nine chambers of Hell, each empowered to impose various degrees of punishment.

Just look at some of the photos taken, you'll see and imagine of the pain. 
Tai Shan Wang of Seventh Hell Chamber is the controller of the Heating Hell.
It is located beneath the North Western Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.
Those who against common laws, lived lavishly, committed unethical business practices or
lomb raiding, abortion, gambling, mislead juvenile, bullied the weaks, fabricated truth, will be punished here after death in respective small hells.

Phng Beng Wang of Ninth Chamber is the controller of the Hell of Ultimate Torment. This hell is located beneath the south Western Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocea. Here the bells surrounded each other and stacked one atop another. Those who set fire on homes, destroyed other's properties, caused confusion, engage in abortion service, enticed young man, raped young girl, will be punished severely in this hell after death.

If you like to know about the Eight Chamber, click on the link to read. 

My little brother and friends slowly checking out each chambers of Hell.
We have a photo time with ko ko Eric and Wei En.
Before I end the post about the Chin Swee Caves Temple, if you like to stay at the temple.
There's accommodation available for meditation, retreat and self discovery.
you can find more information at www.csc.org.my 

After visit the temple, we took bus to go back to Resorts World Genting.
This is our first time to watch live Magic Show.
It's not just any Magic Show, it is Ed Alonzo's Pyscho Circus Magic & Mayhem.

Pyscho Circus in Genting
This school holiday, I can tell my friends where to go for holiday as they do not want to go far away. 

 One of America's foremost comedic magicians, Ed Alonzo who has appeared in a number of television show and once even toured with Britney Spears is coming to Resorts World Genting.

To put it in a nutshell, the 80 minutes show feature Ed, some dances and several circus acts. Sounds simple enough but Ed's reputation precedes him - he is no ordinary or simple magician. He is widely regarded as one of the most creative illusionist of our time, and those who watch him in action will come to understand the fuss that surrounds his celebrity.

All his comedy illusion shows are one of a kind and simply fantastic. Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem embodies this.

A fun-filled family magic circus show that combines magic and unique world-class circus acts,
it is time-tested - having successfully toured the US and have been shown on the 
Royal Carribean's Quantum of Seas.

There are two guests performances on the day, one is from Australia another is from Japan.
Would like to guess who is it?

Magician Loughron James Stephen, he's from Australia.
He can really bend his body, not just that he can also swallow sword.
During the performance we saw him swallowing not just one sword but two swords.

Dangerous stunts we saw at the performance at not mean to play or learn!
Magician Toru Sato San from Japan.
He likes to perform in the dark because his stunts is related fire.

I remember mommy always tell me don't play with fire.
So I know we are there to watch Magic show and we are not suppose to play fire after watched this magic show.
Kids, so listen up don't play with fire! 

Tickets for Pyscho Circus of Magic and Mayhem are priced from
RM88 (PS), RM128 (PS1) to RM168 (VIP).
Children's ticket prices are at RM48 (PS2), RM68 (PS1), and RM88 (VIP).

A group photo with bloggers and kid bloggers with Ed Alonzo and his dancers. 

Check out this Pyscho Circus in Genting from 7 November to 13 March 2016.
It is 80 minutes show held in Genting International Showroom.
Show starts at from 8pm daily and on some dates there will also be matinee performances on selected dates.

My friends told me they like to watch magic show and they hope to overnight at Genting too.
I want to tell them, there is option to stay overnight at Resort at a very attractive price.
With Internet access today, we can check online and book online. 

For more details can visit www.rw.genting.com

Thank you for Resorts World Genting for inviting me and family members for this fun filled Genting events. 
This is how you can spend a day at Genting Highland we went in the morning, and came back to Wisma Genting in the night. 

Resorts World Genting

Thursday, November 5, 2015

 I missing this place already it is the First World Hotel Tower 2 Annex Room, if you have read, you can click on the link above to read about it.
Missing this comfortable bed and cool weather in the night.

I received an invitation by email to go next Saturday for 

Blogger review: Ed Alonzo + Chin Swee Temple + Buffet Lunch (14 Nov)

I am not sure if we are going as mom is still thinking about it. Last time we go, we have whole family going plus my aunt. But this time they telling me that my aunt is not able to go because my mom blogger can only bring plus 1, myself kid blogger can only bring plus 1.

Greetings from Resorts World Genting!

We are pleased to inform you that Resorts World Genting’s new resident show Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem which is regarded as one of the most creative comedy illusionist is now showing at Resorts World Genting . This new resident show will be one of a kind! 

While you are at the Resort,  we have also lined up other activities for you namely
1.)    A tour review at Chin Swee Temple
2.)    Buffet Lunch review @ Coffee Terrace