Shopping toys@Daiso

Monday, October 29, 2012

I like to go shopping at Daiso, I know that not everything I have interest to purchase. My son has interest to purchase toy, he most interest will be toy gun. He found some nice toy guns and he would tests them on sound and trigger. Yeah he is particular about his toys.

When he found two toy guns he like, he needs to pick only one toy gun. He would go singing ini, mini, mini, mo..

School holiday is next month, he told me of he has interest to go Legoland or Genting Highlands. Sad to say that I cannot afford to bring him on vacation. I know during school holiday it would be crowded. He would be asking why so long in queue, this is life we need to queue for everything unless you purchase the tickets online. However enter the play place you still need to queue to play or sit them.

I have been to Johor Bharu, I have not been to Genting Highlands for more than ten years. I know so many changes there seeing some nice pictures taken by friends.

Talking of toys, do you have interest to win freebie? If yes check out Guess & Win as it ends this Friday night.

RM20 per ticket 20th month start this month@Sunway Lagoon

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This is good news for all Malaysian with IC, yes you can get RM20 a ticket to visit all park at Sunway Lagoon. Yeah good news spread fast, so how to get this ticket? They are turning BIG 20 this month and they would like to reward all their beloved customers with their BIG 20 PROMO!!!

Come over to Sunway Lagoon on the 20th of every month from October 2012 to March 2013 to enjoy  ALL PARKS ticket at RM20 only (*terms and conditions apply)

I know it is good deal for kids to go have fun at water park during school holiday, so if you have nothing to plan of you might interest to grab this! For more detail you may check out their Facebook Sunway Lagoon Malaysia.

Oh I just found out that their KEM RAKAN BOMBA IV has extended to year 2013. That's great because my boy cannot take part this year. Oh boy! Who likes to join KEM RAKAN BOMBA IV next year? This is two days one night programme for family with children!

McD playground

Monday, October 8, 2012

It is fun to see children playing at McD playground but sad to say not all parents keep their eyes on the children. It is dangerous as some children play up really high, what kind of stunt the children wants to do?

Having a playground in shopping mall is relaxing for children to play, but now I see some shopping mall having the playground that required you to pay for entrance. People do know how to make money today, children needs a break and they need playground either going to playground itself or shopping mall where there's playground.

Talking of playground in shopping mall, which shopping mall do you visit often?

Do you stick with your kid while he/she plays at the playground?

Almost time to bring my son to playground, where he can play with his friends and I go for the evening walk. Yeah my eyes will be on him too while walking.