Train them young while you still can

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I feel that it is good to train the children young while you still can. Imagine if they are older and not willing to listen to you anymore. Well some perhaps not all of them.

I trained my 8 year old to wash his school shoes so he knows how to do it by himself. I told him to bring up clothes he needs to change after shower.

I haven't teach him on packing clothes, I think it will be good idea to do so. This way he knows what he needs to pack to the destination, and of course how many days he gonna stay over.

Brain activities center for kids

Monday, July 7, 2014

Being parent I am sure we want to have the best for our children, do you there's brain activities center for children? They have like left brain/right brain, which will give children to do assessment etc. 

Anyway it's not cheap to have children attend this classes. 

One of my son's classmate, he didn't go for this classes but he enrolled for English center. They are not cheap too, the course is expensive but they have told the parents if they didn't achieve the result they can attend again the same level for free. Indeed, her children gets to attend for free until they have pass the level.

As for the brain activities center, I am not sure if they have such guarantee for parent. 

What do you think? 

I feel that best brain activities for children are sports, that's where they can sweat it out and have a good health at the same time.