Shell Lego Cars collection

Sunday, November 25, 2012

If you love Lego, I am sure you know of the Shell's Lego Cars collection. You can now go to Sunway Pyramid. Yesterday I was there and many people queue up to purchase the Lego Cars Collection, no doubt some of them manage to purchase the whole set. I am not sure of the price as I didn't queue up to purchase any Lego cars.

I cannot afford to purchase them on spot because I don't have enough money. I am happy to see parents willing to spend for their children. Oh well the Lego cars are not only for children, I know some adults like to play them too!

It is not too late to purchase the Lego Cars at Sunway Pyramid, you will see the Shell's there it is nearby the Jusco entrance. I didn't bring my son go yesterday so I am lucky that he didn't see. I am sure he would want me to purchase him on spot. I saw there's service fuel a bottle RM80, you can purchase one bottle in order to get one Lego car free or need pay extra money for it.

Cupcakes for my son

Monday, November 12, 2012

Speechless Monday, cupcakes for Sean!