Saturday school field trip to Melaka

Monday, August 15, 2016

It is exciting as I have been waiting for this, I told my mom that I wanted to go as I have interest to go with classmates. Total 8 boys my class and 5 girls that are going together, earlier we were told just 2 buses but in the end it is total up to 4 buses. There are 3 teachers on each bus, and a tour guide to guide us.

I am glad my parents allow me to go, mom paid RM100 for the field trip and filled the form. The journey start at 7am but we need to be early to reach, 6.20 is the best time to reach school, I reached at 6.30 because I need shower before I go. I was given RM60 to spend at this field trip, I bought some snacks and shopping for my mom and little brother too. We sat at the last rolled of the bus, it is nice as I didn't feel like want to vomit. I shopping within the budget, the cap I bought is RM29.90 and the Lego toy for my little brother cost almost RM6. A fan for my mom is RM9.90 if not mistake.

We are in a hurry as I cannot take proper photos of the places we went. There's a schedule for us for the day, I mean this filled trip is full fun packed!

Just some photos I shared here, if you like to view more, do click on the link to view. I sat on 2nd bus with my friend and we are the first bus to arrived the school 7.10am. My mom told me that her friend left the school with her son at 7.40pm her son was on the 3rd bus.