Tranformers the Optimus Prime

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The above picture taken from home and you can see this huge Optimus Prime. Sean loves it and I like it too, it has sound when press the button at the back.

My hubby helped him to transform the toy back into truck. I saw there is new Optimus Prime the dragon year special but price RM399 is way too expensive for me.

Sean recently likes Ben 10, Transformers, Spongebob Square Pant and Smurfs.

Don't you think it will be great if there is test toy and we can get paid for it. Sadly it is not available in Malaysia.

Love toys and study

Monday, March 5, 2012

My son has started going for tuition when he was 5 year old, this year he is 6 year old. He attending tuition at kindergarten, we plan to enrol him in Chinese School and hopefully with Chinese subject tuition can helped him in learning.

He is not coming back early today because he needs to attend tuition with his classmates. They have art tuition on Friday but I not enrol him I find it expensive. I know art is his favourite subject but he also can learn at school.

The kindergarten school fees has increase, my friend gave her daughter to go kindergarten the usual fee RM280 now RM350. The fee increased of playing computer if not then it cost RM280. If she not inclusive the computer her daughter will be asking why every kid can play and she cannot. They are sharing the computer to play, they will be two children or three children to play computer.

Do you give your children to go tuition? If yes how many subject are they attending? How much is the tuition fee a month?