Sunday Sports Day on 23 October 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last week, I have finished school examination . Last Sunday morning, I wake up early in the morning , my mom also wake up early in the morning because she needs drive to Main Place for walkathon.
At the field , I am with my Scout Uniform to go marching. Then,we sing the National Anthem. After that, I go changed  my sport shirt.

My parents watch me competition in pull rope. My mom come around 10:00AM because she goes to find parking near school. My dad accompany me all day, it is his first time to come school's field

First video is my yellow team vs green team,after over we change the opposite to compete again.
watch the the second video on how we win. This is my first time to win a GOLD medal in school sports day.

The Parenthood playtime with my little brother

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

 This October is fun, last month I went to The Parenthood with my mom. I am so happy that my little brother and me can go again, it's on Monday we went as we have finished our homework then mom suggests that we go to indoor playground at Sunway Pyramid.
 You can view more photos on my Facebook album, click on the link to view it. My little brother love balls, so many colorful balls just look at the photo.
 We go together on each level, there 3rd level I was afraid and never try but I am glad that my little brother went together. We have a good time together there, we sweat a lot.
I have tuition classes to attend on Wed to Friday, so my mom knows that I can only go Mon or Tue. 
can you spot us?
 The big slide you can see the video above, we have good time going many times. Next time I want my mom to follow us up there to slide down. I saw some daddy and mommy sit the slide with their children.
Look at the colorful slides, there's big slide and small slides for younger children. It's final exam that I am having and happy that my mom takes time out to take us go this fun playground. We shall go again, we love to play and enjoy ourselves.