Ben 10: Ultimate Echo Echo

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yesterday we headed to Empire Shopping Gallery for lunch. Hubby just finished since work and suggested that we have lunch there and Sean decided to check out the Toys R Us for the Ben 10 Toys. He was interested in Albedo but there is no where to be found so hubby decided to pick the Ultimate Echo Echo for him. He has other Ben 10 toys but not having the Ultimate Echo Echo. Sean immediately grabs it, he saw his classmate there and they have a bit fun. His classmate also shopping for toys but it was not the Ben 10 toys. Remember Saturday is no plastic bag, I am lucky I bring my own plastic bag.

Now while updating this blog, hubby is showering Sean. Sean is not feeling well, he saw two doctors last night and when he was home after I fed him with medicine he has vomitted alot. He has purging early morning and last night. So far twice purging and we worry he is infected by Rotavirus or other virus. We will see if we need to send him see doctor again this afternoon or evening.

Hubby is very worry about him, he just ate half a pao this morning with 100 plus. He drank so much of water last night I suspect one of the reasons he vomited out plenty of water last night. I have not been sleeping well lately, Sean has terrible cough at night and he has vomitted too. It has been two weeks he coughing and last night the first doctor we saw told us that he needs to go hospital for a blood check immediately but at the hospital the doctor saw Sean active and eating bread says there is no need. The bill at the hospital cost us almost RM300. Health is more important and we know money can earn back but not health.

Ben 10: Ultimate Swam Fire

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sean loves to play Ben 10 and his latest collection is Ben 10 Ultimate Swam Fire. He has got Ultimate Humongersaur, Tiger, Water Hazard, Kevin, Cannon ball, Spider Monkey, and more. Some of them are presents from niece during the visit of Chinese New Year.

The other day I was surprise to see Sean wearing two shirts of Ben 10 on his own. He loves Ben 10 and he has one pyjamas of Ben 10 from aunt. So far he has two Ben 10 pyjamas and one of it he cannot fit in anymore. He is growing fast and clothes size 8 he is wearing now, next time I need to buy clothes size 10 for him.

End of last year I purchase the size 6 Mickey Mouse shirt for him and it is hard for him to fit in now. The shirt is not able to stretch at all, and I find the washing machine washing it can tear up the material. He wears the pyjamas of Tom and Jerry that I purchase from Jusco. I saw some kids wearing the Ben 10 shirts I am not sure where they purchase.