Spongebob themed Christmas @Sunway Lagoon

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

view from the mall
 This school holidays fun time for the family and friends. My friend told me that he went to Sunway Lagoon before the school holidays. I am happy that mom and me have a day time together to Sunway Lagoon.
surf beach at Sunway Lagoon
 I like the SpongeBob theme Christmas at Sunway lagoon, so fun and so enjoy ourselves. This is so fun as it's my first time to go the SpongeBob Christmas Lagoon.
All wet and ready to go next place for play water.
 You can find the post of Sunway Lagoon Underwater Christmas Lagoon Up to Shore. It so fun, you will be looking forward for :
  • Meet & Greet Session with : SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Santa Claus
  • Art & Crafts Activities at Santa's workshop
  • Bubble Jellyfish Field
  • A magnificiant 16 feet Christmas Coral Tree
  • Lagoon Express train ride
  • Exciting dance performances & a parade
 I am going to tell my friends that I have lots of fun here. You can too come here with family and friends, with Internet access you can shop online for the tickets.
 Yeah, good time with mom and me. Wish my little brother here with me as he will likes to play together with me.

Why not check out their Facebook to know how to celebrate this holiday and win yourself a 3 Days/ 2 Nights family getaway worth RM3700.
 Do check out their Facebook of Sunway Lagoon Malaysia for updates https://www.facebook.com/SunwayLagoonMalaysia
I will be back!
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Book your packages / tickets now from 29 Nov (12noon) to 1 Dec (12noon)

Winners will be notified via email on 2 Dec 2016.
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Nov 5, little brother concert day

Friday, November 4, 2016

Tomorrow is a big day for my little brother, it is his kindergarten concert day. Yeah he will be performing on stage with his classmates. Excited I can't wait to watch him on stage.

At the same day also we are invited for RWG, but sadly we cannot go because it clash with my little brother concert day.

I missed going RWG with my parents and my little brother. I like to play in the SnowWorld. I missed my kid bloggers pals too.

We gonna missed the Ultraman Show at RWG this blogger review.

5th November 2016 (Saturday)

11.30pm               Depart from Wisma Genting to First World Lobby

12.30pm               SnowWorld (European Facades & 3D trick arts)

2.00pm                 Lunch at Coffee Terrace

3.30pm                 Proceed to GISR

4.00pm                 Ultraman Live in Genting 2016  show starts

5.30pm                  Photo opt with Ultraman
6.00pm                 Depart back to Wisma Genting

* Program will be subject to change
* First come first serve basis

Sunday Sports Day on 23 October 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last week, I have finished school examination . Last Sunday morning, I wake up early in the morning , my mom also wake up early in the morning because she needs drive to Main Place for walkathon.
At the field , I am with my Scout Uniform to go marching. Then,we sing the National Anthem. After that, I go changed  my sport shirt.

My parents watch me competition in pull rope. My mom come around 10:00AM because she goes to find parking near school. My dad accompany me all day, it is his first time to come school's field

First video is my yellow team vs green team,after over we change the opposite to compete again.
watch the the second video on how we win. This is my first time to win a GOLD medal in school sports day.

The Parenthood playtime with my little brother

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

 This October is fun, last month I went to The Parenthood with my mom. I am so happy that my little brother and me can go again, it's on Monday we went as we have finished our homework then mom suggests that we go to indoor playground at Sunway Pyramid.
 You can view more photos on my Facebook album, click on the link to view it. My little brother love balls, so many colorful balls just look at the photo.
 We go together on each level, there 3rd level I was afraid and never try but I am glad that my little brother went together. We have a good time together there, we sweat a lot.
I have tuition classes to attend on Wed to Friday, so my mom knows that I can only go Mon or Tue. 
can you spot us?
 The big slide you can see the video above, we have good time going many times. Next time I want my mom to follow us up there to slide down. I saw some daddy and mommy sit the slide with their children.
Look at the colorful slides, there's big slide and small slides for younger children. It's final exam that I am having and happy that my mom takes time out to take us go this fun playground. We shall go again, we love to play and enjoy ourselves.

Opening parcel of Liberty Printing

Monday, September 26, 2016

Here's a short video of me opening the parcel of Liberty Printing, you might wanna know what's in the box. That's is my favourite because it consist photo of me on the mug, it is also glow in the dark mug. You can also check out my dad's blog post about the latest trend in instant photo printing.

 The photo on the mug, is my Transformers toy that I like to play with, click on the link to view it.
 Besides that my dad has chosen a personalized name shirt for my little brother. The photo puzzle is my little brother Wei Lin's 5 years old birthday celebration at home.

Now you know you can find all these at www.libertyprinting.com.my you can also click on the link above to find the coupon code to shop online. It's good that you use the coupon code then you can shop with discounts.

There's more if you like to choose to have personalized photo key chain and other.

Enerz Indoor Extreme Park @Subang

Saturday, September 17, 2016

School holidays is over soon for this September, yeah just one day away. This week I am going to summary about my September school holidays. I have a great time this school holidays. I went Jungle Gym, Thomas Train event, as well as Parenthood Playland. These are wonderful places for kids.

my little brother, holding 3 balls

It's my little brother first time to go Enerz, I went there first time when it was opening. I am glad it is opened once again and I have great time with my little brother, we love jumping and playing dodgeball.

We also played basketball but my little brother is not tall enough so he cannot throw the ball in the net. My mom and I had a match together just for fun and she gets 8 balls in, that's more than me.

Watch the video and you will see that he is enjoying jumping at trampoline but got distracted as a boy was climbing up the pyramid and sat there. He tried to climb but fail.

I can't jump like the video above, click the video and you'll find out what I mean to say.

How about you? How do you spend your school holidays?

Play PLAY-DOH fun time

Thursday, September 8, 2016

my little brother having good time playing PLAY-DOH TOWN
My little brother WL love toys and one of his favourite is PLAY-DOH. Look he is playing them, this is PLAY-DOH TOWN, this toy also have for girl to play. I have to say I also like this and will want to play with my little brother. What is he making?

Look there's PLAY-DOH World PLAY-DOH Day.
Organized by Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the event is held from 6 Sep to 18 Sep at the Centre Court, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

So many toys, where to get start?
We need time off from study and need play time, this is great time to play and be creative.
You can find more detail on this event at my mom's blog, click on the link to read it.
PLAY-DOH Avengers!

Fun time@ Jungle Gym Atria Shopping Gallery

Monday, September 5, 2016

photo credit to Facebook Jungle Gym
Last Saturday,I woke up in the morning as I went tuition in the morning. Last week my mom has sgined me and my little brother to go Jungle Gym Atria Shopping Gallery for the 8th Anniversary. My mom told me about this fun place last week, it's going to be great place to discover and play.

8th Anniversary Jungle Gym Event
Click the video to watch the dance performance, it's fun day for the kids as the event in the afternoon and before that my brother and me had played kinetic sands together. We have a great time at Jungle Gym,Happy 8th Anniversary Jungle Gym. We watched nice dance performance by Jungle Gym stuff. 
I like the decoration of the Jungle Gym Anniversary, many food and drinks we can enjoy after games and winners announcement of best costume contest. My brother and I like to go playground and this is fun and exciting for us as we have not been to Jungle Gym, there have slides and ball pit, crawling tunnels, air guns, trampolines, basket ball mini field, fun mag ball, movie place and also babyland for little ones.

I eat two  cotton candy, and my baby brother have eat two too. I told him this place Jungle Gym is where the fun stuff happened. Don't forget to follow me on instagram @seanleiys, I have also uploaded photos there.

We have Bear in the house and he's big and friendly and we hug many times. When my friends ask me where is fun place to play and have party I will let them know go Jungle Gym!

Check out the video, this is my mom who recorded this. You can also like her Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/mymomsbest/ , click on it to see more photos. I have also uploaded some photos on Facebook click on the link to view it.
 Exciting as we have games to play Simon Says, Freeze Don't Move, and Best Costume Contest.
 Congratulations to my baby brother he won 3rd Prize and he's so happy just look at him! Many kids dressed up and I spotted 2 dragons, because their costume behind has a pair of wings.
congrats to winners
It's a happy day for me as I dressed up as dinosaur while my baby brother is yellow duckling. His costume was my mine, it was used when I was 5 years old concert at Kindergarten.

I am also one of the winners in the best costume contest. Everyone that dressed up in costume didn't go home with empty hands.

Yummy feast at the Jungle Gym, we eat and drink there. Plenty of food to share and enjoy at the same time.
jungle feast after the event, time to eat.
My baby brother and we have good time playing kinetic sands before the party starts. We can make many shapes with it like car, boat, fish, starfish, etc.
I like play the kinetic sands I make a big mountain with so many sands. I like my dinosaur costume. My mom bought it online

It's fun day that I can have temporary tattoo, I have lion and my little brother has elephant. I also choose lion because I like the Jungle Gym and love the lion roaring.

Who is going to have a great time at Jungle Gym? It's a nice big endless fun place for kids and adults.

We continue the play time at the Jungle Gym, we like it so much you can see the video of our played there.
You can also view the big slide I like to play, there's a small slide on the other side of the playground.

I wore my costume to play at the Jungle Gym, we have such a great time that we didn't want to go back yet.

You can also read the blog post on my mom's blog. It's a nice kids party venue that I am going to tell my friends about.

Standard Entry rate:
Toddler (below 2 yrs ) RM25 weekday, RM48 weekend/Public Holiday/School Holiday
Kids (above 2 yrs) RM48 weekday, RM58 weekend/Public Holiday/School Holiday
Guardian RM5 each person and can redeem a bottle of water. 

Don't forget to wear socks at all time at the venue, yeah adults and kids need to wear too. 

Jungle Gym Atria Shopping Gallery
S18 &S18A, 2nd Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery,
Atria Damansara, Jalan SS22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

You can also call them at 017 - 336 8433
Email: party.atria@junglegym.my
Website: www.junglegym.my
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/junglegymplayland
Instagram #junglegymplayland

Saturday school field trip to Melaka

Monday, August 15, 2016

It is exciting as I have been waiting for this, I told my mom that I wanted to go as I have interest to go with classmates. Total 8 boys my class and 5 girls that are going together, earlier we were told just 2 buses but in the end it is total up to 4 buses. There are 3 teachers on each bus, and a tour guide to guide us.

I am glad my parents allow me to go, mom paid RM100 for the field trip and filled the form. The journey start at 7am but we need to be early to reach, 6.20 is the best time to reach school, I reached at 6.30 because I need shower before I go. I was given RM60 to spend at this field trip, I bought some snacks and shopping for my mom and little brother too. We sat at the last rolled of the bus, it is nice as I didn't feel like want to vomit. I shopping within the budget, the cap I bought is RM29.90 and the Lego toy for my little brother cost almost RM6. A fan for my mom is RM9.90 if not mistake.

We are in a hurry as I cannot take proper photos of the places we went. There's a schedule for us for the day, I mean this filled trip is full fun packed!

Just some photos I shared here, if you like to view more, do click on the link to view. I sat on 2nd bus with my friend and we are the first bus to arrived the school 7.10am. My mom told me that her friend left the school with her son at 7.40pm her son was on the 3rd bus.

Study hard, play hard.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Good afternoon everybody , last month I have reviewed the Transformer Combiner War Menasor.You can read about this in my mom blog. I like six of them because i can combine them into one toy.
 I like the weapons on each on them, Break neck ,Dead end , Black jack,Black strip,and i forgot some of the names.My little brother Wei Lin likes black strip. He think its a racing car.

All right , thats all for now .  If you like to know more do visit my mom blog. Recently there's a giveaway on her blog and winner has been chosen.


June school holidays activities for me

Monday, June 6, 2016

It's second week of School Holidays, I have some tuition classes to attend. Last Saturday we went to dad's grandmother's birthday.

A week before that, my dad brought us to watch Angry Birds Movie and I enjoy the movie with my little brother and my aunt.

We watched the movie at TGV Sunway Pyramid and we are going back again soon to watch Finding Dory movie. I remembered the movie of Finding Nemo and my brother too likes it.

Being big fan of Transformers, soon you'll see some posts on me in video.


Disney Junior Asia/AnimateYourImagination

Thursday, June 2, 2016

This June School Holidays, fun activities has started. My little brother and me have a good time together.

Animate Your Imagination, Disney Junior Asia where kids grow up watching. Animate Your Imagination suitable for children up to 7 years old to take part. I didn't want to be left out as I want to join fun with my brother, you can click above link to see his creative artwork, you can also find artwork of my mom's art.

How do you like my artwork? This is a one eyed pirate boy looking for an island, who knows there will be treasure on the island.

Don't forget to click on the link above to find out how you can take part in this activities.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Group photo with Tuan Haji Abdul Halim Bin Ibrahim, Head of Sports Unit Penang State Education Department, Jim Wong, Senior Director of Global Marketing Partnerships, NBA Asia, Sharon Lee, Brand Manager of Marketing Department, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad and all participants of Jr. NBA Malaysia 2016 presented by Dutch Lady Penang Basketball Clinic.

Last Saturday, Jr. NBA Malaysia presented by Dutch Lady conducted its first clinic in Malaysia’s northern region! This expanded program reached 40 schools and 700 boys and girls in Penang and Kedah.

Tuan Haji Abdul Halim Bin Ibrahim, Head of Sports Unit Penang State Education Department, Jim Wong, Senior Director of Global Marketing Partnerships, NBA Asia and Sharon Lee, Brand Manager of Marketing Department, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad were present at the announcement of six selected participants (two girls and four boys) namely Ooi Qi Yan, Choo Chloe, Tan Wei Thong, Chong Chee Boon, Tan Chun Zhi and Tan Hunn Chuann who will advance to the Selection Camp in Kuala Lumpur from July 16 - 17, moving them one step closer to being named as a Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Star!

Jr. NBA Coach, Chris Sumner leading the warmup session at Jr. NBA Malaysia 2016 presented by Dutch Lady Penang Basketball Clinic

The clinics were led by Jr. NBA coach Chris Sumner, along with coaches from the Westports Malaysia Dragons, and the Ministry of Education (MOE) from Penang. Participants were trained in the fundamentals of basketball, learning the importance of the Jr. NBA’s core values of sportsmanship, teamwork, having a positive attitude, respect (S.T.A.R.) and the benefits of proper nutrition.

Dutch Lady serves as the presenting partner of the Jr. NBA progam in Malaysia as part of its Drink. Move. Be Strong campaign, which encourages an active lifestyle and a healthy diet among Malaysia youth while highlighting milk’s role in a child’s growth and development, helping build muscle, keeping bones strong while also filling up and rehydrating.

(R) Jim Wong, Senior Director of Global Marketing Partnerships, NBA Asia explains the six skill stations to (C)Tuan Haji Abdul Halim Bin Ibrahim, Head of Sports Unit Penang State Education Department with (L) Sharon Lee, Brand Manager of Marketing Department, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad
The July 16 – 17 Selection Camp in Kuala Lumpur is a two day event made up of skill stations and clinics on the first day, followed by scrimmages and final selections on the second day. A total of 40 boys and 24 girls, from the ages of 10 to 14 will be selected to advance to the National Training Camp from August 5 – 7.
(L to R) Selected participants present: Ooi Qi Yan (age 12), Choo Cloe (age 10), Tan Hunn Chuann (age 14) and (B) Jr. NBA Coach, Chris Sumner at the Jr. NBA Malaysia 2016 presented by Dutch Lady Penang Basketball Clinic
to view more photos of the event, click on the link to see.

The National Training Camp will once again be attended by an active or retired NBA player and feature a NBA Cares community outreach event. The program will culminate with the selection of 10 boys and five girls, who will be named as 2016 Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Stars. These standout campers will embark on a unique, overseas NBA experience together with fellow Jr. NBA All-Stars from Southeast Asia later in the year.

Fans can follow Jr. NBA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jrnbamalaysia.

For all things NBA, visit www.nba.com and “Friend” the NBA’s official account on LINE by adding @nba_global.

TRANSFORMERS characters Optimus Prime and Bumblebee my favourite

Friday, May 27, 2016

To all TRANSFORMERS fans out there, don’t miss out on the event at Centre Court, 1 Utama (Old Wing) that will be happening until 5 June 2016.

I like Transformers, the day I have to go tuition so my mom go to the event herself. She go right after sending me to tuition. TRANSFORMERS mania is expected to hit a new high at 1 Utama Shopping Centre as renowned branded play company, Hasbro (Malaysia) brings TRANSFORMERS brand extravaganza for fans, with different exhibits and activities that promise to bring smiles from the neophytes to even the most avid TRANSFORMERS collectors and hobbyists.

I like to watch Transformers movie even my little brother, we both like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. If you haven't read about this event, you got to read my mom's blog post as she did blog of this earlier. Click on the link to read.
The special display of the collectors’ and limited edition TRANSFORMERS figures.

The iconic TRANSFORMERS started off as a comic series in the 1980s before evolving into an animated television series that depicts a war amongst the Autobots and Decepticons that can transform from robots into vehicles and other objects. Set against Cybertron and Earth, the series showcases the Autobots’ continuous battle against the Decepticons to protect the humans. It touches on teamwork and leadership, as showcased by the affinity they have with each other and the respect they show to their leader.

The event was in partnership with i2 Promotions.
speech by Ms. Kelly Yip, Brand Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd

Speaking at the launch of the event, Ms. Kelly Yip, Brand Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. said, “Since 1984, The TRANSFORMERS brand has been bringing entertainment and excitement to kids and fans with our beloved characters like BUMBLEBEE and OPTIMUS PRIME. This event embodies what all of us at Hasbro have worked hard and strived to do, that is to deliver immersive entertaining experience of our brands and story-telling to our consumers, and engage our fans anywhere, anytime, any platform.” Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) is the fully owned subsidiary of Hasbro Inc.

The Fastest Fingers demonstration.

The assembled Combiner Figures from the Fastest Fingers demonstration, look at the photo below.

There will be a special ceremony which the limited edition Chevrolet Camaro featured in the previous TRANSFORMERS movie was unveiled and placed on display for three hours. The car was believed to be one out of only five vehicles in Malaysia.
(L-R): Ms. Jasmin Ee, Commercial Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Ms. Carol Chua, Country Manager of Toys"R"Us (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Ms. Kelly Yip, Brand Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Mr. Lenus Hong, Director of i2 Promotions Sdn. Bhd., Ms. Michelle Wan, Licensing Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Ms. Chai Ai Ping, Senior Manager of Advertising and Promotions of Bandar Utama City Centre Sdn. Bhd.

If you like to view the photos of the event day, do click on the link.
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime posing along with the Chevrolet Camaro during the launch ceremony.

TRANSFORMERS characters Optimus Prime and Bumblebee also made an appearance at the launch and certainly did not fail to mesmerise fans, young and old. Avid fans also had the opportunity to witness a special display consisting of collectors’ and limited edition figures over the course of the entire event.

Throughout the duration of the 11-day event, visitors will be treated to a special display of collectors’ and limited edition figures over the course of the event. Meanwhile, children will be entertained by a host of activities to keep them occupied during the holidays. These include the Fastest Fingers Challenge, where participating children aged 8 to 12 are required to assemble a complete Combiner Figure in the fastest time possible. Winners of this challenge, which will be held during the weekends, will walk away with a Generations Combiner Leader Figure worth RM249.90. Meanwhile, children aged 5-12 will be given the opportunity to bring out their inner TRANSFORMERS character in the Dynamic 5 Challenge which is designed to promote teamwork and leadership, both of which make up of the essence of the TRANSFORMERS story. Participants will receive a TRANSFORMERS gift upon completion and have the opportunity to have their photo taken with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime statues in front of a cinematic TRANSFORMERS visual background.

More information and updates can be found on Hasbro TRANSFORMERS’ Facebook page. Exciting as I am going to tell my friends about this, school holidays has started I can't wait to go with my family.

About Hasbro
Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a global company committed to Creating the World's Best Play Experiences, by leveraging its beloved brands, including LITTLEST PET SHOP, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, MONOPOLY, MY LITTLE PONY, NERF, PLAY-DOH and TRANSFORMERS, and premier partner brands. From toys and games, television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and consumer product licensing, Hasbro fulfils the fundamental need for play and connection with children and families around the world. The Company's Hasbro Studios and its film label, ALLSPARK PICTURES, create entertainment brand-driven storytelling across mediums, including television, film, digital and more. Through the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, Hasbro is helping to build a safe and sustainable world and to positively impact the lives of millions of children and families. Learn more at www.hasbro.com, and follow us on Twitter (@Hasbro & @HasbroNews) and Instagram (@Hasbro).