Opening parcel of Liberty Printing

Monday, September 26, 2016

Here's a short video of me opening the parcel of Liberty Printing, you might wanna know what's in the box. That's is my favourite because it consist photo of me on the mug, it is also glow in the dark mug. You can also check out my dad's blog post about the latest trend in instant photo printing.

 The photo on the mug, is my Transformers toy that I like to play with, click on the link to view it.
 Besides that my dad has chosen a personalized name shirt for my little brother. The photo puzzle is my little brother Wei Lin's 5 years old birthday celebration at home.

Now you know you can find all these at you can also click on the link above to find the coupon code to shop online. It's good that you use the coupon code then you can shop with discounts.

There's more if you like to choose to have personalized photo key chain and other.


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