Ben 10: Albedo

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is Sean next target he wants Ben 10 Albedo because he saw at Cartoon Network that he can change to Ultimate Humongersaur. Yesterday Sean back from Kindergarten and he has total of 13 home works to do. He was on medical leave for a week and the teacher thought he has chicken pox. The teacher's son has chicken pox and not able to attend school for two weeks, she says her son will have examination so send him to school but was ask to go home.

Now Sean is busy with sister-in-law Jen playing the play station one. He loves this game so he not playing any toys with his grandpa. My dad is here and he just back from his place after he send sister-in-law May back. May and hubby going to see doctor at the hospital.

Sean has more than ten Ben 10 toys now and he will have at least five of them to sleep together. He places them at the back of pillow and also the Ben 10 Ometrix. He is crazy of Ben 10 now, when he was younger he loves elephant and has it by his pillow to sleep.