Son asking for Xbox or PS4 games

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This is unexpected, son told his dad that he wants to play Xbox games or PS4 games. We don't own any console of these games. I didn't encourage him to play any of them, since it's enough having just Ipad to play. Son complains that my computer is old and slow that's why he cannot play the games.

Anyway I told him that's he's no good with exam results, it's better he forget about playing these expensive games. If he's result is good and being A students like his friend, I am sure he can be like them to play whatever games they prefer. No kidding, his classmate not having just good grades but also good in playing games. Well, I don't think anyone is born genius, his classmate must be good in organizing their times to play and study well.

It's not fair to put them see who is smarter and who's not, I just want the best for my son. I don't him to tired out playing games, sports are more healthy and sweat for good!