11,111 Total Pageviews Giveaway

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am looking for 11,111 Total Pageviews for this blog, yeah it is open for my GFC Follower who has an address in Malaysia for postage of Prize. :D You will need to print screen of this blog and post it on your blog and link to this post to redeem the Prize. Don't forget to leave your GFC follower name here and your blog link plus your email address so I can keep in touch with you!

Looks like someone forgotten that I was looking for 10,000 Total Pageviews and now it passed. ROFL

Don't get me wrong, why I am always having giveaway because I love to update my blogs and keep my follower awake. Did you get what I mean? Just kidding.

Tomorrow is 11 March, do you have any plan?

It's a Sunday night and Sean falls asleep fast because he's tired. He needs to wake up early in the morning for school. I told my friends of the school registration for primary one is open I don't know if they are going to school to fill up the form.

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One week school holiday, whats your plan?

We are supposed to visit an aunt in Melaka this Friday, but sad to say she passed away last Friday. We got to know of her sickness recently, she has lungs cancer. It is sad to know it is final stage for her, she is 72 years old.

I know life goes on, we need to cherish everyone around us. Don't waste our time, health can never be purchase with money.

Another aunt also suffers of intestines cancer.

Giant digged nose*Jack the Giant Slayer

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sean is happy go watch this movie, the dirty giant digged nose and eat it! Yeah that is digusting. The giant also rubbed his under arm and smells it!

He loves the part where the two heads giant died, it is when Jack throw inside his throat a bean! It is nice movie for parents and children to watch together.

However they are many death in the movie, some people may not like it.

Have you watched the movie?

Son crying cannot find dad

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I have told hubby before using the main gate to wait for Sean after school. It seems Sean runs out of main gate and head to shop while hubby still inside to find son. A mommy called me to inform that Sean crying couldn't find dad. I then told her, his dad on the way. After hang up with her immediate called hubby to inform and then he says saw him outside.

Scary right?! It could happen to anyone if you no pay attention on where and when your kid runs out of school.

Anyway glad son is alright! The mom called me again to inform and explain how dangerous it is.. He is running out of school. Morning I didn't follow go school as hubby has appointment with friend to chat there. I guess father and son never talk about where to wait after school!

He even SMS me to ask where I normally waits him.

Where to shop for kids?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am sure everyone has got their favourite spot when comes to shopping, mine would be depend on price because I don't work so I cannot buy expensive clothes. Recently I find Mydin with many children clothes, yeah you need to check their price before purchase but I find the price still reasonable.

Have you been shopping at Mydin? What do you purchase from there?

Clothing for woman I seldom shop there but lately I bought a top for my sister-in-law.


Checking his homework everyday!

Monday, March 11, 2013

It is my job to check his home work everyday, so sometimes he didn't finish to copy homework list which he needs to do I will have to ask other moms.

He is sitting far behind, he's not the tallest in class there is another boy taller than him. His class with total of 40 students.

There is a girl always late to class, sad to say everyday she gets punishment by teacher. Yeah two subjects teachers, it depends which class subject she is late. How late is her to go class? Let's say 8.30 or 9 am?

I hope her mom and her can solve the problem of coming to class late. Waking up late is one of the reasons and staying far plus traffic jam!

Almost 10000 total pageviews

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yeah I am kidding just look at number rolling, oh ya of you like Hello Kitty shoes stud and jewelry plus some skin care samples visit http://jewelrybys.blogspot.com

Sean just fall asleep half hour ago, he had short nap ten minutes in afternoon. Saw another mom today, her son no come school as sick. She wants to register her youngest gal to school but security guard stopped her. Not yet closing time still another half hour, guards saying many people and even go office to ask clerk is it going to close.

Have you go school to fill up the form for registration your child to primary school. Some parents say just do a time enough.

Opps I mean 1000 not 10000.

Replacement class on Saturday

Monday, March 4, 2013

Do you know if this Saturday replacement class will be replace? I don't know but some moms are saying that it will be change to next Saturday. I hope there is no changes because it would be better to stick to the schedule.

Anyway my friends who are moms told me that on Saturday, their children need to go for tuition.

I have got plan on next Saturday, I need to go yoga with my friends. I have not go for yoga for long time. The last time I went was last year, yeah I cannot believe time flied.

March Fashion Accessories Giveaway @TH CORNER

Sunday, March 3, 2013

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