Son crying cannot find dad

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I have told hubby before using the main gate to wait for Sean after school. It seems Sean runs out of main gate and head to shop while hubby still inside to find son. A mommy called me to inform that Sean crying couldn't find dad. I then told her, his dad on the way. After hang up with her immediate called hubby to inform and then he says saw him outside.

Scary right?! It could happen to anyone if you no pay attention on where and when your kid runs out of school.

Anyway glad son is alright! The mom called me again to inform and explain how dangerous it is.. He is running out of school. Morning I didn't follow go school as hubby has appointment with friend to chat there. I guess father and son never talk about where to wait after school!

He even SMS me to ask where I normally waits him.


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