11,111 Total Pageviews Giveaway

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am looking for 11,111 Total Pageviews for this blog, yeah it is open for my GFC Follower who has an address in Malaysia for postage of Prize. :D You will need to print screen of this blog and post it on your blog and link to this post to redeem the Prize. Don't forget to leave your GFC follower name here and your blog link plus your email address so I can keep in touch with you!

Looks like someone forgotten that I was looking for 10,000 Total Pageviews and now it passed. ROFL

Don't get me wrong, why I am always having giveaway because I love to update my blogs and keep my follower awake. Did you get what I mean? Just kidding.

Tomorrow is 11 March, do you have any plan?

It's a Sunday night and Sean falls asleep fast because he's tired. He needs to wake up early in the morning for school. I told my friends of the school registration for primary one is open I don't know if they are going to school to fill up the form.

Now don't forget to join TH Corner for the March giveaway.


мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Wow another giveaway for the 11111th visitor,cool but who is the 10000th haha :P By the way,what is the prize for this giveaway

T.H said...

yeah looks like someone miss out again !!

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