Kids Tour Guide of Johan Speaking Academy

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's beautiful Sunday, early morning I woke up to prepare myself as I am ready for the Kids Tour Guide at Farm In The City. On Saturday I supposed to go tuition but my mom told tuition teacher that I will be attending the Kids Tour Guide program at Johan Speaking Academy located at TTDI. So I have done the test at tuition center on Friday. It's the day where we get to know the task for next day. It's a fun workshop as I get to know new friends and met old friends too.

 Yes, I am ready with my friends as Kids Tour Guide. You can see we are in blue shirt of Johan Speaking Academy except me because I am BIG. There's pink color shirts for the girls, while blue  color shirts for the boys.
 On Sunday, its the day that we need to be Kids Tour Guide. So the tour guide of Farm In The City give us a tour at the farm. We need to take note of type of turtle that we need to talk about and recognize the species of animals. The tortoise and turtle farm, the place where we get to see giant tortoise.
 The last time we went to Farm In The City was in year 2014. I am happy and glad to be back and there are so many animals to see there. As a Kid Tour Guide, my team has another 3 members. We have to speak of two or one animal each person. I talked about Ostrich and Goat to tourist. As for my friends, they talked about the types of turtles.

yeah , as you know I joined the Kids Tasty Speech and now is the Kids Tour Guide. What's next? Stay tune on my blog to find out. When you think of besides tuition and daily going to school. What else can kids do? Why not check out Johan Speaking Academy, there have many kids program to choose from.

my friends are Kids Tour Guide having their speech on favourite animal.

Farm In The City, is a good place to see many types of animal. There's pet village, exhibition hall, bird aviary and many more. Raccoon feeding is one of my favourite as I get to share the feeding with my little brother. There's machine of food for animal and we need to insert money in the machine to get the token. RM2 is equal two token for a pack of animal food.

Happy to be Kid Tour Guide of the day, thank you Johan Speaking Academy and my parents for the support.
Group photo with Kids Tour Guide and Johan Speaking Academy

Kids Tasty Speech @Johan Speaking Academy

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Good afternoon, I came back from school just now and soon I be going to tuition. I like to share with you last weekend where I go. Just to let you know last year I attended the Kids Public Speaking workshop at TTDI. You can read the blog post about it. It was my first time to attend the workshop of English language Kids Public Speaking, I also attended the Mandarin language Kids Public Speaking.

Look below the Tasty Speech with many delicious cupcake to choose from. 

It's been a year since I attended the Kids Public Speaking workshop and happy that my mom have signed me up for the Kids Tasty Speech, I love food and I like to talk about food. Below is my video about my speech, pardon me as I was thirsty while having my speech so I say I wanted to drink water.

Besides going to tuition, its good that I take part on other activities that suitable for kid like me.It's fun learning sessions with other kids and I make new friends too at the workshop. We also get real experience besides taking orders from parents but also customers of the Luscious by Lisa T.

Serving real customer at the Luscious
It's a two days workshop, so 1st day is attend the Kids Tasty Speech class at TTDI. The photos here are taken at the 2nd day of workshop where the Kids Tasty Speech take part at Luscious by Lisa T at Plaza Mont Kiara.
taking order on what my mum wanna to have
It's fun learning workshop as usually I follow my parents to go restaurant to order food, there's only paper and pen we have to self service looking at the menu to order the food. There's no explanation on the food and drinks or other food suggestions by waiter or waitress.
I am happy to be part of the Kids Tasty Speech, good experience and fun learning at the same time.

Scroll down to find out which workshop I am taking part next for this upcoming school holidays.

Thank you to Teacher Johan and Teacher Cherry for the patience and teaching me on the Kits Tasty Speech.

Just want to share with my friends and readers on this blog that I am going to Kids Tour Guide this coming 26 & 27 August 2017. I like to learn more about wildlife animal and love to visit the Farm In The City. There's still few spots left if you have interest to take part, its suitable for children aged 9 yrs old to 12 years old. Please visit Kids Public Speaking for more details, just click on the link to read about it. There are other program available that you can have a look.