My day at Ice Age Adventure

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One Saturday I have a fun day with my mom. We arrived at Wisma Genting, KL and we met Aunty Jane with her children there. We then headed to nearby food stall there for breakfast.

My first time to Genting Highland, in the bus I slept. Mom woke me up when we are about to reach 1st World Hotel. 

Read my mom's post for more details of the Ice Age Adventure.

I like watching Ice Age movies, my little brother too enjoy the movie. We love the elephant named Manny, Sid the Sloth and Diego. 

Ice Age Adventure at only RM20 nett per person, you can enjoy yourself in the Ice Age Adventure which comes in three main key zones namely
Ice Age Theatre
Ice Age Playground
Ice Age Meet-and-Greet 

Many photo opportunities as you can see, yeah none stop having pictures with them.
Ahoy, can you spot me on this Captain Gutt's ice-ship?!

Play zone with only RM5 each game, RM20 for 4 games.

Coloring moment, look my friends enjoy themselves.

I have fullest fun the day knowing new friends and being with friends.
Thank you Resorts World Genting.

Being kid blogger on the event, above is my goodie, check out my mom's goodie too see if we get the same.

I-City, five new attractions

Friday, September 19, 2014

Yesterday , my mother take me to i-city to see and play. First my mother parked the car at taxi parking that is reserved for my mother car.
 Check my mommy's blog post for the five new attractions in i-City, Shah Alam.
We go to Fun Fair near to the Itsy Bitsy. You can find it nearby the Old Town White Coffee Building. 
How high can I go? I want to reach the Minion dolls, I found Pikachu dolls, Smurfs and Doreamon dolls. You can win them from the Fun Fair. 
My mother brought me to Giant Ferris Wheel where I told her I wanted to go up.
 Enjoy my ride at the Giant Ferris Wheel, I am not afraid of height. It's very windy up there.
After the ride, we go to Fun Drive, there's the man there to explains to all kids and adults on how to gain points and how reduction of points something went wrong.
It's fun and education for all new drivers like me.

So many rides to find in Itsy Bitsy, I am sure my little brother will like to get on these rides.

Vroom, bumper cars in Jungle Adventure that my mother and I non stop moving around.
There's a tunnel further in, you can always try going in and out of it.

The Fun Drive where you can see traffic lights, we need to stop at Red Light and move on Green Light. Don't worry if you afraid of having mistake, the video you'll watch will teach you everything.

I also like the ride of Rocking Chaise Car, click on the link to view it.

I wanna go Itsy Bitsy again, my little brother didn't come along this time.
I am sure he'll enjoy many rides if he's there.

The Boxtrolls, I like Fish and Egg

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mommy bring me for movie, thank you mommy.
I enjoy movie very much, I wanted to watch it ever since I saw the movie trailer.

The Boxtrolls, many boxes you can see in the movie. Click for my mommy's movie review.
White hat man really likes cheese, he always eat cheese and saying cheese stories.
Fish is one that brought up Eggs the boy with other boxes in underground.

The night where mommy's car lost one accessory, something fall out front of the car. I didn't know it belong to her car, I got pick it up show mommy and mommy didn't know it belongs to her car. We didn't bring it back home. Now it is forever lost and gone.

Ice Age Adventure in Genting Highlands

I am excited as mommy told me that she's going to be me to Ice Age Adventure. I like elephant since I was 3 years old, do you know that I have attracted to an elephant toy in a Kindergarten that I can never forget the place.

I like to watch Ice Age movies.

This school holiday is gonna be fun,
Package includes
- one child ticket to Ice Age Adventure
- one child ticket to First World Indoor Theme Park
* Package is not available on 24 - 27 September 2014.
*Terms and conditions apply.

Price now RM20 Ice Age Adventure + RM30 First World Indoor Theme Park =RM40 only for now, you save RM10.

For more info check out Genting Rewards Malaysia Facebook.

Red Apple blog

Friday, September 12, 2014

The blog has been renamed Red Apple Blog because teachers and friends called me Red Apple. I have red cheeks and I have red ears too sometimes.

I hope to go big apple city, it's New York. I like to watch Home Alone movies but I am scare being alone. My favourite Home Alone movies of 1, 2, 3 and 4. For my mommy, her favourites are Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2.

Teacher called me Red Apple

Teacher called me red apple because I have face look like apple, not really. Is just that my face would turn red is I feel hot. Even my ears will turn red, everyone in class started calling me red apple too. I don't mind as I do like to eat apple, it is healthy fruit.

Fruits are important sometimes I didn't eat, I find it hard to go restroom. I would tell my mom, I am not ready yet because I am still in restroom. When I was young I dislike vegetables, now I do eat vegetables but not all types of vegetables.

Now not only one teacher called me red apple, but many teachers too. I am standard two this year, next year my little brother going to kindergarten.