No go yoga because

Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Saturday I supposed to go yoga with my friend but sad to say I didn't make it. I need to watch my children yeah no kidding. The day we head to Midvalley and hubby went check out the IT Expo in Midvalley.

Then he ended up no purchase anything from there.

Son looking for shield because he wants to be Captain America.


Kisah benar: Maafkan Cikgu

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saw my friend shared this true story and decided to share it here. It is about a boy going to school always with dirty school uniform and shoes. The teacher asked him many times as he always comes late to school too. The poor boy shared his school uniform and shoes with his brother because they are from poor family. It's wise decision that teacher went to his place to find out but she didn't approach the family.

The teacher is sorry for hit him, now she's know the truth story of the boy.

You can read more below if you understand in Malay language.

Saya mengajar di sekolah rendah di tengah2 Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. Saya mengajar sesi petang. Salah seorang murid saya setiap ha...ri datang lambat ke sekolah. Kasut dan bajunya selalu kotor. Setiap kali saya bertanya tentang baju dan kasutnya dia hanya berdiam diri. Saya masih bersabar dengan keadaan pakaiannya, tetapi kesabaran saya tercabar dengan sikapnya yang setiap hari datang lambat.

Pada mulanya saya hanya memberi nasihat. Dia hanya menundukkan kepala tanpa berkata2 kecuali anggukkan yang seolah2 dipaksa. Kali kedua saya memberi amaran, dia masih juga mengangguk tetapi masih juga datang lambat keesokannya. Kali ketiga saya terpaksa menjalankan janji saya untuk memukulnya kalau masih lambat.

Anehnya dia hanya menyerahkan punggungnya untuk dirotan. Airmata saja yang jatuh tanpa sepatah kata dari mulutnya. Keesokan harinya dia masih juga lambat, dan saya memukulnya lagi. Namun ia masih tetap datang kesekolah dan masih tetap lambat. Suatu hari saya bercadang untuk mengintipnya ke rumahnya. Setelah mendapatkan alamatnya, saya meneruskan niat saya. Dia tinggal di sebuah kawasan setinggan tidak berapa jauh dari sekolah. Keadaan rumahnya sangat daif. Saya nampak murid saya itu sedang berdiri di depan rumahnya dalam keadaan gelisah. Seorang wanita yang mungkin ibunya juga kelihatan gelisah.

Lebih kurang pukul 1.30 seorang anak lelaki sedang berlari2 sekuat hati menuju ke rumah itu. Sambil berlari dia membuka baju sekolahnya. Sampai di depan rumah baju dan kasutnya diserahkan pula kepada murid saya yang terus bergegas memakainya. Sebelum pakaian sekolah sempurna dipakai, dia sudah berlari ke arah sekolah. Saya kembali ke sekolah dengan penuh penyesalan. Saya memanggil anak itu sambil menahan airmata yang mula tergenang.

Maafkan cikgu. Tadi cikgu pergi ke rumah kamu dan memerhatikan kamu dari jauh. Siapa yang berlari memberikan kamu baju tadi?" Dia terkejut dan wajahnya berubah. "Itu abang saya. Kami kongsi baju dan kasut sebab tak ada baju lain. Itu saja baju dan kasut yang ada. Maafkan saya, cikgu." Jawabnya "Kenapa kamu tak beritahu cikgu dan kenapa kamu biarkan saja cikgu pukul kamu?" " Mak pesan, jangan meminta2 pada orang, jangan ceritakan kemiskinan kita pada orang. Kalau cikgu nak pukul serahkan saja punggung kamu." Sambil menahan airmata yang mula berguguran saya memeluk anak itu,

"Maafkan cikgu" .......

Teachers rejected gifts

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sad to inform you that the teachers from his class rejected his gifts for teachers. Yeah they find that the gift are cheap which not good enough for the teachers that are teaching him. Oh well, this is sad to see this happen to him.

Don't know what to say...

Apparently the teachers saw his gift and rejected him, saying that are just flowers nothing good for them. Oh well, I hope they are not blind because attached to the flowers are pens!

Teachers only received the gifts which are nicely wrapped in a box! That's what he told me.

Parents shopping gifts for Teacher's Day

Thursday, May 16, 2013

We need to love our parents but we never forget that who are the one teaching our children in school. We need to be grateful and thoughtful of them too, they are the one that teaching our children when we are at home or at work.

Today I saw many parents shopping for gifts for the Teachers. Some parents choose the prepared gifts selling at deck so easy for them to give to teachers. :D

I didn't purchase any from deck, I prefer to make my own but of course I bought some items in shop and go home DIY. :D

Education is important for children, they need to learn what's correct and wrong. Imagine being a teacher with class full filled with 40 students.

We are facing one teacher, but one teacher facing forty parents.


Anyone up for giveaway?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am planning on giveaway and it would be the Total Pageviews giveaway, you need to check my blog often.

Here's I like to ask you prefer giveaway to be hold on blog on about it? Yeah just a few things in mind whether to have the giveaway on blog about the giveaway or just print screen of Total Pageviews giveaway. Yeah haven't decide on the numbers yet.

Now it's running on 12348 total pageviews.

Mom & Son look alike shirts

Monday, May 13, 2013

I am happy to say a contest recently I won gave me chance to wear look a like shirts with my son. Oh well both same colours, I think that's great for us.

I can't wait to let him try on the shirt. Yesterday son slept late as he's watching Monster movie. :D

He had supper as daddy home's late with a cake! Yeah Happy Belated Mother's Day to me, he bought me big cake! Oh well, it son's favourite cheese flavor.

Missing mechanical pencils, colour pencils, glue sticks

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I can say that late Sean is very clumsy, he lost of mechanical pencils, colour pencils, erasers, and glue sticks. Well I have always provide him one mechanical pencils, twelve colour pencils, one eraser, one glue stick and one pair of scissor!

I always need to purchase the stationery because he's losing them often. I have put label with his name and class room but sad to say nobody ever return them! I don't know why some classmate in his class likes to take his belongings. He fear to tell teacher because the classmate will treat him bad.

What do you do about? Some parents say nevermind they are just stationery. Some parents do mind because got classmate took home her son's colour pencil box and inform teacher only the classmate will return next day. Yeah the classmate that took other people belonging always tell, never take it back or take it. Teacher's know about the children character after months of teaching them in class.

Aeon Big Subang Jaya

Monday, May 6, 2013

I know so many brandning when comes to stationery, I went to AEON Big Subang Jaya just now. I take a look at their stationery, sad to say not many choices when comes to mechanical pencils. They are lack of 2.0 mechanical pencils and 0.7 mechanical pencil. I saw a great deal on 0.5 mechanical pencils but sad to say that's not what I want.

Anyway I will be browsing more shops if I get the chance.

Parenting Workshop @Empire Hotel Subang Jaya

Friday, May 3, 2013

I just find out there is a parenting workshop at Empire Hotel on 8 June 2013, it falls on Sat. It will be from 9am to 4.30pm. I can tell you that it is not free, you need to pay RM60 for a person. Children is not allow for entry.

There is goodie bag worth RM100 up for grab on the day of workshop and lucky draw too!

Oh well, I didn't take part this workshop even though my heart say yes. But my wallet says NO. :(

What's your mind telling you?