Transformer for him

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sean loves Transformer, and the currently toys he has is from KFC and another toy which I bought from Giant. The latest Transformer is bought by my dad, his grandfather it is the most expensive toy so far for him. It cost $200 after discount voucher $20 deduct. It is purchase from Toys R Us, we supposed to get the one with freebie but it is sold out since 6 November. We were at the toy shop on 16 November as I got the mail a day before.

Thank you dad, Sean's grandpa for wonderful gift to Sean!

He spotted the Transformer at Carrefour and it is selling at $22o if not mistaken. My hubby promised to purchase to him when he got the money but Sean mistaken that he will purchase to him the next day. He cried so hard for the toy and leaves us no choice to purchase at Toys R US, lucky I have the $20 voucher for deduction. If we go another Toys R Us will be the same because the Transformer that he wanted $150 sold out. The one he has is bigger than the Transformer that he is having now.

I saw the education toy for him but way too expensive for me, it cost almost $390. I cannot afford that is why I think we have made right decision to send him to holiday camp during school holiday.

Tickets to Slide@Empire Gallery shopping mall

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who loves adventure and interested to go for the slide at Empire Gallery Shopping Mall. This is not suitable for children, not even my son can go for the slide. It is scary slide, it is five storeys high and you heart pumping each minute there.

For detail of this giveaway, click here. Please understand that I am having three tickets giveaway, I can't take part the slide because my condition now not suitable. My sister-in-law Jen took part this adventure and it is great challenge for her!