Gong Xi Gong Xi! Birthday Boy is here

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After movie, less people can buy popcorn and drink to bring home share with my little brother.
Gong  Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends. Today is my birthday,I am ten years old. Yesterday my mom bring me to Sunway Pyramid to  Celebrate my birthday..............

First thing we do is we go buy movie tickets, many people queue to buy tickets. we want to watch Mermaid movie director by Steven Chow. After we buy the tickets we go for lunch, I eat sziling noodle hot plate my mom eat Miami chicken burger. Right after eat we go to watch movie, no time to buy popcorn and drinks because movie is about to start. We waited 25 minutes for the commercial to over only the movie start.

Today I have six homeworks from school,there are English, math,Bahasa Malaysia and science. Lucky my mom watched the movie with me yesterday else I have no time to go for movie as the movie is valid til this Wednesday only. I have to attend tuition on Wednesday.

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