Carrefour food court

Monday, August 30, 2010

This is at Carrefour Subang Jaya the food court, I am there sometimes for lunch with family. My son and I prefer the chicken rice, they are some other choice of food. Sean likes to play there because he gets to enjoy all the ride for free, yeah I mean free because we not put coin just let him have fun sitting there.

Sean likes to sit them so much and when we at Sunway Pyramid he will want to take ride but there is not free you need to pay for them. I don't like go there anymore because you need to avoid the places like that you tend to spend more because of the rides.

Do you know that today the IOI Mall is open until 12 midnight? Yeah we were there last weekend and Jen with me have nasi lemak while Sean eats chicken rice at the Jusco food court. Hubby orders something else I don't know that name because there is egg and many tomato and chilli sauce looks like fried rice to me.

Anyway if you have time go check out the freebie for necklace and bracelet. There is things you need to do in order to get them for free. Yeah you know it nothing is free!


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