Children hair style

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have you ever heard anyone saying that don't let your dad to cut your son hair? I can tell you that it is my first time heard it and I don't like that man. He is my hubby's friend and nobody ask him to cut my son's hair and he cut it. Then he keeps complain how bad the hair style looks, excuse me I am also in charge of hair cut for my son because we don't go to salon. It is cheaper to cut their hair.

My hubby and I don't like to go his salon anymore because he talks more than he does. Other than that it is expensive to cut his hair there and he will say that he has another saloon near Ikea there which is partnership.

I have never seen a parent that would lied to their parents. This man did he told us that he lied to his mom that he brings his son for art class but he bring him to another place which is babysitter place. He is worry his mom not happy and tell lie to her. His mom found out that his son is talking Tamil language and find it fishy but somehow he manage to say something else about it.

This man might just break a joke about my son's hair style I tell you it is not funny. He even told my son that never gives my hubby to cut his hair anymore. He has no right to do that, he is not father to my son!

If this is a joke from him, it is very bad!

If you friend says that to you would you be mad too?


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