Son is sicked again

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sean is sick today because last night he has fever and middle of night he cough until he vomits. He just started to nap as he wakes up early morning wants to go Kindergarten but we stopped him because he has fever and in the afternoon Jen and I bring him to see paed. The doctor that he usually sees only available in the morning so we saw another doctor it is Lee Eng Kam.

The doctor mentions that he has overweight and need to cut down on food seriously five meals a day is a lot and he needs to eat more vegetables. He needs to eat less oily food and sugary stuff because they put on weight fast. Jen also in the room but she looks unhappy but this is the truth of what doctor mention. I don't know why every time I put blanket on Sean while he is asleep he will cough. He will kicks off all the blanket, hubby has no idea that I tried to put blanket on him in the night but he keeps kick them off.

Young man today age 30s and 40s are seeing doctor because of heart failure or heart attack. No kidding this is about health and I serious need to give Sean some exercise at the gardening. I know he loves it but Jen prefers he stays indoor because of aedes mosquitoes in the area.


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