My son got H1N1A

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last week Sean stays at home for a week because he has got H1N1A. We took him to see doctor on Tuesday because hubby took a day off. The doctor ask him to go blood test, he has fever up and down and we waited at the hospital an hour for the blood result. There is no Denggi but it is confirmed that he has H1N1A, he got from Kindergarten. I inform the teacher about this but some teachers not believe at all. Anyway I am glad he is better now and he is at Kindergarten.

He lose some weight and doctor also says that he is over weight. He should be only 20 kg but he is now 23.5kg. Yesterday took him for injection for H1N1B and the doctor says the injection only last a year in his body. He is not alone there to take injection many children there to take the same injection.


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