He has fun with the light and drawing

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It was at night and he has got nothing to do, he takes the lamp to play and also do some drawing. My hubby comes home 8.30 pm and he often bring umbrella to work. I told him to bring the big umbrella because it can be protection from rain and also thief. He also bring torch light to work as coming home at night he walks and it is very dark. There was time where he got all wet because the small umbrella leak and his shoes wet due to rain and he walks on the water which flood.

I remember when I go to work I often bring umbrella and cross many roads to reach the company to work. The last job I working was at SS15 Subang Jaya same roll with the lottery shops but the company I working located at first floor. The company has closed due to no business but the Boss is lucky to have her hubby with company business to do. Her job was just extra income and interest, she has three daughters and one son now.

Sean has been drinking the Dutch Lady chocolate milk he likes to drink. I prefer him to drink the fresh milk or milk powder or milo but he prefers Dutch Lady chocolate milk, we cannot buy often for him to drink. He also takes milo in the night but I know hubby change from milo to coco powder Carrefour.


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