How to stop kid from shouting?

Friday, September 3, 2010

He likes to play the play station 1 and he also likes to go playground. Sean likes to shout out loud, I don't know why. He usually does it at home or in the car while I am driving. I cannot take it so how do you stop children from shouting? I also don't want him just keep pay attention to play games it seem he has no interest in writing.

I head to petrol Shell today for pump fuel and I pay $30 then back to the car to pump but find nothing out. Then I ask Jen to go check out the counter, then the staff came over and saying that now if you pump fuel you need to say which fuel you want to pump then they will set it. Last time we just pump which we prefer and we don't take there is no problem I find it more troublesome now. The employee says that many people complain of it, what you think? Lucky the employee explains or this will happen again.

Hubby is at work and not back yet it is late I hope he walk back safe. There is torch light in his bag and he has big umbrella with him.


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