Guessing game giveaway

Monday, July 19, 2010

I like guessing games, so find out the guess game from Mamalyna as the guess game ends at 1 pm. If you want to try your guessing click on the link above. Good luck.


Just to update you that I no win this guessing game, I guess it wrong. My guess was size 8 and the answer size 9. I saw the answered at the blog yesterday evening.

Anyway I have fun in this giveaway, maybe I should come up with a guess game too. I remember my guessing game at other blog but nobody guess it right so in the end I reveal the answer.

I know if I am given a chance to guess twice I can guess it right. But as stated at her blog that you can only guess one time.

My friend is pregnant now and I know soon she needs to wear bigger shoes. She is not sure if she is having baby girl or boy, it does not matter as long baby is healthy. She is now seven months pregnant. I saw her last Sunday she is very fair and I told her, she told me she not only fair but fat too. She gained 2.5kg this month, she changed the doctor as previous doctor keeps asking her to watch her weight.


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