2 days 1 night @Awana Longhouse

Monday, December 14, 2015

varieties of choice to eat in Terrace Coffee
Last Saturday, I followed my mom to Awana Longhouse. We took the bus from Wisma Genting.
In the morning we have nasi lemak for breakfast. We have warming exercise but we have to be in groups. we go for jungle trekking 1.8km.

photo credit to Joey's mom
We have dinner buffet at Terrace Coffee in Genting Grand Hotel. I like to eat spaghetti, ice cream, candy floss, and many more I can find in the buffet spread.
photo credit to Joey's mom, next to me is Joey, she is RWG Kid Blogger just like me
 I sleep in the tent at night next to Awana longhouse. On last Saturday, we also went to Time Square Stage to watch the Alvin and The Chipmunks live show. Click on the link to view more info.
 Next day we have morning exercise then we go for morning walk. Look out at my mom's blog as she's going to blog about the Back to Nature 2015.


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