In the jungle don't call real name

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Few weeks back I go Awana Longhouse with my mom. It's my first time to go jungle trek and my mom also her first time to go jungle trek. My first time to see leeches in my life, they are small and can jump from one leave to another. They are tiny leeches if you didn't look on the ground you might missed it.

Before we go jungle trekking we were advice to tuck our long pants in the socks. This is avoid the leech to go in the pant and suck your blood. No kidding, koko Eric told us that one time a leech was sucking blood on his belly when he go back for shower after jungle trek. That's also important after jungle trek we need to check our legs to see if there's any leech suck on.

In the jungle we were told don't call real name. So we called Sunshine group by numbers. I am number 10 and my mom's number 11. Other than that, another group member he's a blogger and he called me 'Carlson'.

I don't know when I can go #RWG because I have got more homework and tuition homework to do. Some Saturdays I need to go tuition also because I need to attend test every Saturday. My friends told me that their mommy go to tuition center to collect their test papers to bring back home to do but their mommy will need to sign the paper that they have collected the test papers.


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