Jump Smash e-tournament with my mom

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It is amazing and fun, I didn't want to go for the final but my dad says since I got my winning ticket to enter the final e-tournament for Jump Smash, he encourages me to go ahead.

Since I am all alone as my aunt didn't win the ticket to join the final tournament, I wanted to have someone accompany me. I ask mom to try playing the Jump Smash 15.
Amazingly she didn't give up and keep trying and trying like other auntie and uncle that I saw queue up again and again. Not just adults but also kids and teenagers too.

We have heart beating moment as we need to compete with each other after the first round. The first round we both win compete with others. This second round we need to compete one another.
Yeah, that's my mom you are looking at the picture with me to compete.
Only one of us can win!
Hehe.. I make it to the Quarter Final!
But sadly I lose my battle with another boy.
I didn't lose hope as at least I have compete in this gaming with 31 others contestants.

Jump Smash 15 is a fun game app indeed, I came home and wanted to play again with my mom. I know studies are important but it was Sunday so we have a family outing to Sunway Pyramid to attend this fun public event.

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