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Monday, September 28, 2015

It was fun Saturday with my family and friends.

A photo booth that we can have family photo together,
my dad didn't join as he sitting to watch the baby stroller.

My little brother and me want to go Sunway Lagoon for a long time.
It's good that my parents take part in Facebook contest and we are winners to join the fun activities with #Carriebacbuster 

One winner can only win one adult and one child ticket.
Both my parents have Facebook account so each can take part for each child.
I bet you can spot my photo in the Carrie FB.

We got lunch packed with mineral water provided by Carrie Bac Buster also there's orange juice to take. We have coupon of ice cream to go collection of ice cream to eat. We used the coupon on our way out.

The haze was bad that my dad says we don't need to play all day long.
My blogger friend, she is Joey, she is kid blogger also.

Oh the water guns we are having is bought by my aunt, thank you aunt for these love water guns!
We have a good time shooting in the river bank.

There were Q&A session but I didn't win any coupon as I didn't get to answer any questions.
I did raise my hand, except I never sit down like other kids. 
I was standing tall. :D

Thank you Carrie Bac Buster, Carrie Junior for this fun event, we have a good time before the back to school starts. Loving my September school holiday. 


5 little angels said...

Great that you have all the fun. My Little Angels enjoyed it too. Nice meeting you there, young boy.

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

So nice... too bad I miss out on it even though my kids went for it... huhuh

cleffairy said...

Looks like so fun. Wish I was there too. ;)

Leona Lim said...

ya must remember to bring water gun next time go sunway lagoon, looks like so fun to play together eh

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