Carrie Bac Buster Super Body Wash product review

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good evening everyone, how are you doing?
Tomorrow school starts, yeah holiday over so fast.
Selamat Hari Raya to Muslim friends.

Today I am going to review this
Carrie Bac Buster 1st Antibacterial Super Body Wash.
This is Blasting Blueberry of Carrie Bac Buster I have got in hand.
You can also find Carrie Junior kids hair shampoo, click on the link to read.

Just pour out 10 cent or 20 cent size of body wash on palm.
I like the smell of this body wash.

This is fun because I like taking shower with this,
look big bubble I created using this.
My little brother also like bubble bath but this product is only suitable for 7 years old and above.
This has antibacterial, I like so I can alternate use my Carrie Junior body wash and this.

The Carrie Bac Buster Antibaterial Super Bodywash retails
RM4.45 WM/RM4.65 EM
RM10.20 WM/ RM10.70 EM
for the 280gm and
RM22.55 WM/ RM23.70 EM 
for the RM700gm. 

I have finished using the Carrie Bac Buster Antibacterial Super Handwash.
I am also a big fan of Carrie Junior body wash. 

ymail having Technical Glitch

I am trying to use email to reply someone and it shows that I have technical glitch in email. This is my first time experience, usually there's no problem using ymail email.

We hit a technical glitch
Please try reloading the page in a few minutes.

The Mighty Jordaniods, the protectors of teeth

Monday, July 13, 2015

Good evening, I just come home from tuition and have my dinner and found this fun games to share with you. It is a new App called The Mighty Jordaniods, the protectors of teeth, on how to take care of our teeth.

They are eight Mighty Jordaniods for me to choose from, I can only select one. 

I have been given 30 seconds to complete the task, I need to click on the tooth then on a toothbrush that matches the germ to clean their teeth.

It's not an easy games for me because I am having hard time to find the suitable toothbrush. I click and I get many wrong tooth brushes.

It's not as easy as it seems, my mom too got it many wrong. If you like to try this App, you can visit Jordan's Facebook page. I like to inform my friends about this games too.

My highest points was 600 pts, how about you? I'll try this game again when I have the time.

By the way, I am also using Jordan's tooth brush, how about you?

First World Hotel, Tower 2Annex Room Review

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Photo of the room I stayed during the Genting International's Children's Festival.
I was here again in Genting Highlands, I stayed in First World Hotel during Genting International's Chidren's Festival's event. This room was in Tower 1 in First World Hotel. 

Resorts World Genting is set to be the largest resort in the region- and will stamp its mark all over again with the new features it offers, from accommodation to entertainment to F&B. It will not be too long now before the eagerly awaited Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park is unveiled.

Last Saturday, my family and I were invited to go Resorts World Genting. I checked email two weeks ago to go First World Hotel, Tower 2 Annex for a room review. 

This is the First World Hotel's lobby, a friendly staff of First World Hotel explains to me and other kid bloggers and also bloggers of the Self Check-In Kiosk.

Combining Tower 1, Tower 2 and now Tower 2 Annex, check-in is made more efficient with the E-Kiosk self check-in-system. The system comes with duo language namely English and Chinese Language, allows check-in within two minutes.
There are 29 units of E-Kiosk out of which 23 units are located at Tower 1 lobby and six units at Tower 2Annex lobby.

If you have pre-paid advance booking can check-in via E-Kiosk by using their membership cards, MyKad or Passport.

My room in Tower 2 Annex, 21865 at 21st Floor, First World Hotel.
The bathroom, there is a separate standing shower and toilet that comes with 3-in-1 liquid soap, shower cap, sanitary bag and bar soap. The doors of the bathroom and toilet are slide doors with no locks. 

Among the new feature at Resorts World Genting are the new living spaces in First World Hotel. A new era has arrived in the form of Tower 2 Annex,an extension to Tower 2.

Among the largest hotel in the world
Phase One of the extension opened with 412 rooms and the balance of 874 is targeted to be open soon, bringing the total to 1,286 rooms. The overall number of rooms at the hotel will ultimately be 7,351 - making it one of the largest hotels in the world.

The new Annex  makes better use of space, compared to the initial two towers of First World Hotel. frosted lime green glass walls act as dividers between the toilet,  shower and sink, and the wooden floor has a warm sand colour. The rooms come with eiter two single beds or a duoble, and an open hanging cupboard provides good storage space.
My XYZ Deluxe room

The Tower 2Annex as altogether 1286 rooms that offer brand new rooms with new names such as XYZ deluxe and XYZ Triple. The size of  these rooms is average 170.70 sq  ft. The difference between these two rooms is the amenities.

My room is XYZ Deluxe room with two single beds other XYZ Deluxe room may have a queen size bed. We have a kettle with tea and coffee making facilities. There are a mini fridge, safe box that my dad used to put his things.
My mom using the hair dyer in the room.
The room has a large laptop sized in room safe plus hair dryer, international socket and USB powered lan access point.

First World Tower 2 Annex has undergone about one-and-a-half years of planning and renovations at the cost of RM300 million, and everyone now can expect a trendy and chic three-star hotel. 

From the moment we walks into the hotel, I like the contemporary setting in the lobby, complete with 3D television visuals, chill music and a designer's featured wall.

There is a signature Terminal 2 Cafe located in the lobby with freshly baked pastries, soups, snacks and beverages from 7.30am to midnight. Offering complimentary wi-fi, it is designed for those who are on the move but also has 48 seats for dine in to eat.
We have tour room on the day, this is the World Club Room

Above is the World Club Room. 
This is another World Club Room in Tower 2, the space is not spacious but you see big bath tub in restroom. 

The 2nd World Club Room in Tower 2 with a big tub and stand shower available. This is my favourite room because of the bath tub. I can imagine myself playing with my little brother in the bath tub.
In World Club Room, if you didn't like to use the bath tub, you can see the shower.
This is the XYZ Triple, this is ideal for family or a party of three. This room has connecting room.
This room has two chairs, one at the corner of the room, another chair facing the 32" flat screen television. 

At the bathroom, there is a separate standing shower and toilet that comes with 3-in-1 liquid soap, shower cap, sanitary bag and a bar soap. 

We have dinner in Rajawali Coffee House, Awana Genting. This Rajawali Coffee House or Rajawali Restaurant {HALAL CERFITIED}. They offer over 100 scrumptious spreads, featuring their signature recipes such as Sup Aneka, Rendang Tok, Roasted Lamb, and Ikan Bakar.

I wanted to bring you a tour on food available in the Rajawali Coffee House but I was very hungry in the night. Behind me is variety of kuih Raya to choose from, I know we can't live without desserts.

Australian Roasted Lamb, with homemade sauce black pepper and mint sauce.

Some delicious food, we have in the night but didn't take photos of all the food as we are feeling hungry.

My little brother enjoying himself, he ate many sausages and ice cream in the night.

Delicious food through out the night, the dinner buffet is Ramadhan buffet and I have a good time to dine with my family and blogger friends. 

You don't want to miss out the directly on ice assorted seafood if you like seafood, I know my mom likes seafood so I am getting her some crabs. There are also oyster, mussel, scallop. I saw some sauces available are Thai, Tobasco, Lemon Wedges.

Porridge Lambuk Lambak for you if you like to eat porridge, spring onion, fried shallot, prawn, chicken, minced beef, salted radish, anchovies, chili padi kicap, ginger, daun sup, garlic oil, chili flakes, serunding kelapa, serunding ayam and serunding daging to choose from. 

If you like to know more details on the Ramadhan buffet dinner at Rajawali Coffee House, click on the link to read my mom's blog.
Between me and my mom is Ronald, a friendly PR of Resorts World Genting. 

Thank you Ronald for everything, it was his last day of work on last Saturday.

We have a group photo moments with kid bloggers and bloggers. 

If you like to dine with your friends or family, visit Rajawali Coffee House for the unique and sumptuous berbuka puasa experience.
Price RM88.00 nett adult, RM48.00 nett Children, RM60.00 nett Senior Citizen.

For enquiries, you can call them at 03-6436 900 ext: 7605/7675

The night after we reached the hotel, we went out again. We went to checkout the play games centre. My glow in the dark light was broken, I was sad because I cannot use it in the outdoor of Resorts World Genting.

The next day before we check out of the room, we had breakfast at First World Cafe at First World Hotel. 
I have pancakes and many of them because I love pancakes. I also have coco crunch with milk.
Some dim sum pao you see in picture belongs to my dad.
The choice of noodles in your hand, which would you prefer?
My aunt chooses her favourite ingredients to make her bowl of noodle soup.
Muffins that you can't have enough.
Variety of juices to choose from.

My little brother also found pastry that he likes to try.
So many breads to choose from, which to start?

The Sunday morning, we have breakfast in First World Cafe, First World Hotel.
It's hard to say goodbye, we enjoy ourselves  Thank you Resorts World Genting for inviting me.
We were at the 21st Floor of Tower 2Annex, First World Hotel. Hope to go again Resorts World Genting for the cool mountain air and activities, hopefully in future I can have accommodation in a room that has a bath tub.

I was using the Check-out E-Kiosk at First World Hotel Tower 2 Annex. 

Checking out is also made easy with Check-out E-Kiosk. There are 15 units located at Tower 1 and Tower 2 and four units at Tower 2Annex.

These E-Kiosk machines are developed by Genting Malaysia Berhad and manufactured in Malaysia.

The First World Hotel is within easy walking distance to the various highlights of Resorts World Genting, namely Genting International Convention Centre (GICC), Horizon 50, Arena of Stars and the soon to be opened Sky Avenue Mall.