The Mighty Jordaniods, the protectors of teeth

Monday, July 13, 2015

Good evening, I just come home from tuition and have my dinner and found this fun games to share with you. It is a new App called The Mighty Jordaniods, the protectors of teeth, on how to take care of our teeth.

They are eight Mighty Jordaniods for me to choose from, I can only select one. 

I have been given 30 seconds to complete the task, I need to click on the tooth then on a toothbrush that matches the germ to clean their teeth.

It's not an easy games for me because I am having hard time to find the suitable toothbrush. I click and I get many wrong tooth brushes.

It's not as easy as it seems, my mom too got it many wrong. If you like to try this App, you can visit Jordan's Facebook page. I like to inform my friends about this games too.

My highest points was 600 pts, how about you? I'll try this game again when I have the time.

By the way, I am also using Jordan's tooth brush, how about you?


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