Sunday, May 8, 2016

Good day to everyone, not long ago I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to attend the BLOGGERS JAW-SOME DAY 2016 at Aquaria KLCC. I am not alone as I am with my family bloggers to attend this event. We have been to Aquaria KLCC few years back when my little brother still a toddler. We are with parenting bloggers and bloggers to join this fun event of the day. You can ask for their Aquaria KLCC Fun Map as the journey starts at ticketing counter.

If you don't know where to start don't worry because they have guided tour available.
Rate card of 2016/2017

Curious about the animals and exhibits of what's in Aquaria KLCC, it's good the day we have guided tour to lead us to experience an educational journey through Aquaria KLCC.

The tour is conducted in English, the rate of RM191 is inclusive of 6% GST. Minimum of 2 pax per tour, maximum of 50 pax per tour. It is better to make reservation if you are interest to go, lets say a week before you go. 

Starfish and more in Gene Pool
Discovery hunt on the day, excited as we can hunt for various aquatic life that can be found in Aquaria KLCC. We get to touch the star fish, my little brother is afraid to touch it. We cannot take the starfish out of the water, it can only be touch in the water.
What's in the box? Can you know it by touching it?
It is exciting as 3 bloggers get the chance to experience this, it is quite scary as I wouldn't want to have my hands in the box. The three bloggers are brave to face the challenge.

Piranha that follow the wave movement

When comes to Aquaria KLCC, first think we would think of Piranha and Sharks. 

 It's a nice place to visit in Aquaria KLCC, will be great to have birthday party there too. They have an event hall called grouper hall (mph) that you can gather together.
Ever dream of sleep with the sharks?
They have a signature programme for children, witness various nocturnal activities of sharks and marine creatures. There's a Sleep with Sharks programme suitable for children age 6 - 13 years old. 
It cost RM211 per pax (inclusive of GST).
Package includes 
  • Sleep with Sharks exclusive T-shirt
  • Sleep with Sharks Certificate

 I haven't join this programme but I am excited because children like me can enjoy the adventurous activities at Aquaria KLCC namely Nocturnal Walk, Discovery Hunt, Exclusive Feeding Show. Maybe my friends have interest for this, I saw the brochure stated that advance booking required at least a month before the date of the programme.

It is exciting as we are heading soon to where the aquarists feed the fishes and invertebrates daily. 

Anyone want to dive with sharks? They have a rate card 2016/2017, if you are certified diver, experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of meeting a real-life shark. Take the plunge at Aquaria KLC in their 2.5 million litre oceanarium tank if you dare. RM424 per pax, inclusive of GST. There have a time slot 1pm but not available on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The diver must be 14 years old and above. For more details, you can call them at 603-2331888

It's an educational journey I have with my little brother at Aquaria KLCC. We learn so much on sharks too, we need to avoid purchase any shark's fin because many sharks are killed because of their fins. 
Protect ocean life for generations, let's visit the website for more info

We were at the Aquatheatre to see the different Aquatic animals. The feeding session for sea turtles at 12noon. We sat on the are for 10 minutes before the feeding session begin, everyone is excited as there are more and more people around us awaiting to see.

Weird and Wonderful experienced we can find there, 
Love the glow in the dark art of this wall. 
It's not all the photos here, as it's so much to see and learn there.
You can view My Mom's Best Facebook, just click on the link to view more photos. 

They have station of aquarius Moon Lab: Holodeck, Jellyfish Lab, Seahorse Lab, Eco Lab. 

Don't forget to check out an augmented reality experience in Moon Lab's Holodeck.
It's fun as we able to see the animals from the past and present converge in a virtual experience like never before. 

This unique experience is available at Aquaria KLCC.
Augmented Reality Experience price per visitor RM20, if you have interest for the USB Drive and Digital Photos and Video it would be price per visitor RM60. 

To find out about the entrance tickets of the Aquaria KLCC you can click on the link below.

You can visit or call them for more into at 603-2333 1888

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