Fun day at Disney Channel School's Out

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Saturday, my mom and dad and my brother visited Disney Channel School's Out at Sunway Pyramid. My brother and I played maze in Finding Nemo. 

We solved the maze with mom and we get this cute Mickey Mouse cap. We like it very much.
My brother likes to watch Monster University, we are with Mike and Sully. 
I made this using art and craft.
You can make this at home too.
All you need are following
  1. paper
  2. crayon or colour pencil
  3. scissor
  4. ice cream stick
  5. cellotape
Draw a moustache on a paper then colour it  with crayon or colour pencil. Then cut the shape of moustache with scissor. Use the cellotape to stick the moustache on the ice cream stick.

 Please show me your art and craft after you try this out. 


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