A visit to PD Ostrich Farm in Port Dickson

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This is how closed I can get to feed the ostrich, it's big bird with lots of feathers. My parents and brought me to go because my little brother is not feeling well. 
This is fun day for me though I sweat a lot, I learn alot about animals.
Example on how to feed them with the grass, how to hold the grass. 
I also had my finger injury because of the sharp grass.

We saw chickens on the loose too.

Feeding time we can feed rabbit and geniue pig. We bought 2 packets of pet food each packet cost RM3.

Check out the video link to see me, standing on the ostrich egg. Yes just stand not jump on it!

There are many rabbits on the ground that we can feed. Beside that they have cats and dogs but we need to pay extra to visit them. The sales girl say we can even bring the dog out for a walk. She says there are 40 pure breeds of dogs.

Yummy ostrich burger I had at the farm, RM24 for this processed meat burger of ostrich. 

A day before we head to the Ostrick Farm, my parents bring me and my little brother to PD beach.
My mom and I caught a few baby crabs, but my little brother is afraid, he says they are spiders.
So many crabs on the loose on the sands, but they are fast in getting in the sands too. Not easy to catch them. My mom and me use beach toys to scoop them one at a time.


Chris Lee said...

Great job, young man. Keep it up.

T.H said...

thank you Chris Lee

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