Son got punished by teacher

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Looks like my son starting to get naughty in class, yesterday teacher asked him to come front class to stand. He told me that he needs to go office to stand today, because he naughty in class. He playing drum on the table, I mean knocking on table with hands. I know that's unpleasant to listen. I recalled the first day of school, parents are allow to go in and he did knocking the table. I remembered teacher says to him "Boy stop doing that!". Teacher already informed do not make any noise when she's teaching or talking, this makes her very angry.

Oh well, good punished for him and make him learn a lesson. Don't do that again! I hope he remembers it and he says that another boy pushes him so hard and his elbow know the glass and breaks it. I hope today he inform the teacher which boy pushed him!

My son looks like big boy, but he has a soft giant heart! He's easily bully by others no matter boy or gal.


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