William Yau Zheng Zhong is dead?

Friday, January 25, 2013

My heart goes to the little boy and his mommy. I am sure they are regret of losing their six year old boy. It is sad to know he goes missing last Wednesday night, he gets out of car trying to look for their parents because his little sister was crying. His elder brother seven year old and one year old sister in the car.

The parents went into the electrical shop for washing machine, they left the children in the car.


мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I just heard about his death on Saturday,so sad i mean come on,the boy's so young and now he's dead,those people are heartless :'(

T.H said...

Yes heartless people, i hope police catch them soon

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I hope so too,poor boy :'(

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