Primary school students year 1 and year 2 only!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

This sound rediculous but it is the truth, I don't know that the school will give you option to choose whether you want it or not but it leave you no choice that you will need to pay for their seating for meal. Yes, they are benches and tables in school but they have numbers the tables so students that paid for the seating and meal will get to seat on the numbered seats. No kidding, it is no joke! I am not going to say what school it is, but this is not a joke.

I don't know how many parents agree on this but this could be maybe they worry of primary school students year 1 and year 2 does not have seat during recess time? I don't recall any of this happens to me,  if there is no seating I usually wait for them to finish their meal and I go sit there. But now the school has numbered the tables and left very few options for students to sit.

Now tell me what do you think? The school sure knows how to make money out of the parents!


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This is so disappointing la

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